Manifest Abundance By Working With Spirit Guides

Manifest Abundance By Working With Spirit Guides

How to Manifest Abundance by Working with Your Spirit Guides


There are many methods to manifest abundance but one of my favorite ways to do this is by working with spirit guides. Working with spirit guides is a powerful practice in general but when we invite our guides to assist us with our prosperity and well-being we bring on a dream team who can lead us to amazing results.


What Does it Mean to Attract Abundance?


To begin to work with your spirit guides in this way, you first have to understand what it means to attract abundance. Abundance is a state of having your needs met and manifesting abundance means those needs are met easily.


There are many forms abundance can take and each of us have our own ideas on abundance. Many people equate abundance with prosperity but financial abundance is just one form that abundance can take. Abundance can show up as health, happiness, love, community, success, protection or food and shelter. The list of what abundance means for you is personal to you and everyone’s idea of abundance is different.


How Do I Bring Abundance Into My Life?


To bring abundance into your life, you have to first understand how to open your flow. Think of your flow of abundance being like water and your mental state as being like the pipes that bring abundance in and out of your life. Like real water pipes, we want to keep our pipes clean and open for the water coming in, but we also want to to keep the pipes open for the water going out.


What that means is that we want to make it a habit to keep our thoughts positive for the abundance that is on its way to us, but also appreciate the abundance that we have right now and the abundance that moves through our lives.


How Do Spirit Guides Help You Manifest?


Spirit guides are loving spirits who assist, guide, and protect each of us. When we develop a connection to our guides, communicating with them and paying attention to the messages and gifts that they send our way, we solidify our relationship with them and then can receive the direction that they give us.


Spirit guides can open doors to abundant outcomes, lead us to our abundance, and guide us to opportunities but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit around and wait for it to happen. The process of manifesting is a team project.


How Do You Increase Financial Abundance With Your Guides?


One of my favorite ways of working with my guides to increase abundance is to create a spirit guide abundance altar. It’s simple to do and can be done with things that you probably have around the house.


What you’ll need for a Spirit Guide Abundance Altar:


  • Small table top or shelf
  • Green or gold cloth
  • Figurine or framed photo of an abundance goddess/god/spirit
  • Small yellow, green, or white candle in a holder
  • Basil or marigold plant or fresh yellow flowers in water
  • Small bowl or cauldron with coins


On your small table or shelf, place the cloth (a small handkerchief works great for this) and arrange the figurine or framed photo (you can print one from your computer or use a tarot card of abundance such as the Queen or King of Pentacles to represent your abundance spirit guide).


Place the candle in its holder, plant (or flowers), and small bowl or cauldron with coins in it around the image in a eye-pleasing way.


Light the candle every Friday and let it burn while you are awake and at home. When you go to sleep or leave the house, snuff out the candle and relight it when you return.


If you have particular wishes, you can speak them as you light the candle or write them out as a petition on paper and place them in the money bowl.


How Can Your Guides Help You Release Abundance Blocks?


If you feel blocked around money, I recommend a simple spell using a cleansing bath.


For a simple cleansing bath, add the following to your bathwater:



Step into the bath in a mindful way. Focus, meditate, visualize, or speak out loud. Ask your spirit guide to assist you in your wishes to remove any blocks you may be holding around prosperity and money.


When you come out of the bath, dry yourself off with a clean towel and dress yourself in clean clothing.


For extra-stubborn cases where your money luck is crossed up, do the cleansing bath once a day for three, seven, eleven, or thirteen days.


Need to know more about cleansing baths? Check out my Bath Crystals How To Guide.


Your Spirit Guides Want To Help Your Abundance


Your spirit guides love you and want to protect and guide you to your highest and best outcomes and that includes your abundance and prosperity. Invite them to help you and they will bring you exceptional outcomes.


Just Starting to Connect With Your Spirit Guides?


If you are just starting to connect to your guides this may seem a little overwhelming. Check out this great article about meeting your guides for the first time.


This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango and Medium.

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