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What is a Spiritual Reading?

A spiritual reading is an opportunity to look at your life from a new perspective. If you are an enlightened person who is seeking answers that can’t be found in the material world, then a spiritual reading may bring in the guidance that you’re looking for. People with relationship problems, career questions, worries about school, money issues, or blockages of any kind often find a spiritual reading really helps to shine a light on the solutions that they need.

What Types of Sessions Are Available?

We offer many types of readings and sessions at Parlour of Wonders. Any of the following types of sessions can be booked remotely and at any length unless otherwise noted.

  • Tarot Reading: A tarot reading is an excellent choice when you’d like a road map to the solutions for your problems, you’d like to get more clarity on a situation, or you’d like to see what lies ahead.
  • Past Life Session: Do you want to get to the root of your dilemma? A Past Life Reading can find the source of talents or connections to others. It is also perfect for those who are curious about who they were in another lifetime. Past Life Readings can also be helpful in healing a phobia or trauma not related to incidents in this lifetime. 
  • Spirit Guide Session: If you would like to receive purely psychic messages from your spirit guide council without the use of cards, a Spirit Guide Session will bring you comfort, direction and high vibration guidance. 
  • Animal Familiar Session (Offered by Madame Pamita): If you have a special animal companion, an animal familiar session is like a pet psychic session amplified with understanding how you and your familiar can make magic. An animal familiar session can also introduce you to a new animal that you can work with on the spirit realm or in the material realm.
  • Magical Instruction: If you need guidance on what ingredients or steps are needed for a spell or would like to learn a magical skill, you can book a Magical Instruction session to get one-on-one guidance from Madame Pamita totally customized to your needs.
  • Natal Astrology Session (Offered by Miss Kelly): Is a 45-minute astrological birth chart reading and uses the exact date, time, and location of your birth to re-create a snapshot of the sky at the moment you took your first breath. Miss Kelly will help you lean into your strengths and give you wise ways to overcome the challenges you face. This reading also includes a brief look at the next 12 months ahead and how they will affect you. Your session also includes a pdf of your natal chart emailed to you after your session. 
  • Astrological Spell Consultation (Offered by Miss Kelly): We'll take a look at your birth chart and transits (what is happening astrologically now) to give you a custom recommendation on spellwork that will improve your life. 
  • Charm Casting (Offered by The Love Witch): A divination method performed by pulling small silver charms at random or casting them onto a cloth and interpreting which charms appear and how they land.
  • Dream Interpretation (Offered by B'Witching Tarot): Learn the magical meanings of your dreams and get help decoding the symbols or messages that stand out to you.

Additionally the following services are offered in-person by Madame Pamita:

  • Slavic Shamanic Healing: This 90-minute in-person service can include healing extraction, soul retrieval, and/or power animal retrieval. Shamanic extraction is a healing ceremony in which a shaman removes a blockage from the client’s energy system to restore proper function. In soul retrieval a shaman journeys into the spirit world to retrieve a part of a person’s soul essence that has been lost via trauma or shock. With power animal retrieval, the shaman connects the client to their power animal to restore a client’s power or protect them.
  • Slavic Water and Wax Healing: Vylyvaty Visk, or wax pouring, is a spiritual practice that was done by Madame Pamita’s grandmother and is the traditional Ukrainian wax pouring healing method for removing trauma or fear. During the 90-minute ceremony, traditional incantations are whispered, a basin filled of blessed water is held over the client and melted beeswax is poured into the water. The solidified wax is interpreted to give guidance on the source of the trauma and further incantations, smoke, fire and breath are used to remove its effects. 
  • Slavic Egg Spiritual Cleansing: Vykochuvannya yaytsem, or egg rolling, is the traditional Ukrainian spiritual practice of rolling a whole uncooked egg over the body to remove curses and the evil eye. A curse is when someone is actively sending negativity toward you and the evil eye is when someone looks at you with envy. Both can create bad luck in health, prosperity and life in general.  Using an egg to remove the effects of negativity is a practice found in many folk magic systems: Mexican curanderismo and Italian benedicaria, for example. In the 45-minute session, an egg is rolled over the body and then the contents are analyzed to see the cause of the negativity. The process is repeated until the negativity is completely clear. 
  • Slavic Censing Cleanse: Obkuryuvannya is the traditional Ukrainian practice of burning specific herbs for clearing, cleansing and protecting the spirit. In a 30-minute censing session, specific herbs are lit and the smoke is wafted over the client from head to toe while incantations are whispered to spiritually cleanse, refresh, recharge and remove any unwanted energies. This is a particularly good tune-up to revive and reignite passion, energy and enthusiasm for life. 

Please note that all services offered by the providers at the Parlour of Wonders are not intended to replace the services of licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists or lawyers. If you are experiencing physical, emotional, legal or mental health issues, consult a licensed professional and seek their advice about spiritual assistance. We are always open to work in collaboration with licensed  providers.

Which Kind of Spiritual Reading is Right for Me?

Many times clients don’t know which kind of reading to pick. Should you have a Tarot Card Reading? An Oracle Reading? What if you want more than one kind of reading in a session? No problem!

If you’re not sure which kind of spiritual reading would be best for your situation or you want more than one kind, you can always let us know at the beginning of your session. When you book your appointment, you have an opportunity to check any of the types of readings you’re interested in. There is also a Special Notes section where you can type in any background information you’d like to share or you can let us know that you’re not sure which kind of reading is best for your situation. Your session is your sacred time and we are happy to guide you to the best option for you.

Cancelation Policy

Please note that you may change or cancel your appointment at any time up to 24 hours ahead of your appointment time by clicking on the link in your confirmation email. Cancellations made more than 24 hours ahead of your appointment time are 100% refunded.

If you wish to change your appointment less than 24 hours ahead of your time, please email and we will assist you. Appointments canceled less than 24 hours ahead of your appointment time will receive a 50% refund.

There is no refund for missed appointments or no shows.

Thank you for allowing us to bring divination magic into your life.

Love and light -
Madame Pamita