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Get witchcrafted products lovingly made by hand here at the Parlour of Wonders in Los Angeles, California. We carefully handcraft 100% Beeswax Candles, sumptuous Spiritual Oils, sensual Sachet Powders, bewitching Bath Crystals, mesmerizing Magical Soaps, powerful Potions and so much more!

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Do you want warm, positive, and authentic spiritual advice from experienced and compassionate readers and healers? Book a life-changing Tarot Reading, an insightful Spirit Guide Session, a powerful Past Life Session, a thought-provoking Animal Familiar Session, authentic Slavic Shamanic Healing, or a transformative Astrological Reading with Madame Pamita or any of the other talented readers and healers at the Parlour of Wonders

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If you want a real Magical Spell but don't know how to cast one, the experienced and talented witches at the Parlour of Wonders can cast a spell for you on our Altars. Meet with us online and we'll discuss your needs and create the perfect Customized Spell to shift the winds of fortune in your favor. You'll get personalized care and photographs of your spell before and after it is complete.

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Want to learn witchcraft, spellcasting, and folk magic from one of the most renowned authors and teachers of the esoteric arts? Madame Pamita has decades of experience and can give you the skills to fast-track your magical practice. Join a live, interactive Zoom Witchcraft Workshop where you can ask questions or take a video on-demand and study at your own pace anytime anywhere at the Academy of the Magical Arts.

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Madame Pamita has written acclaimed books about Folk Magic, Witchcraft, and Tarot. Become a spellcasting expert with The Book of Candle Magic, explore Slavic Magic with Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft, delve into the astrological depths of Cancer Witch, find the joy of divination in Magical Tarot, and play in a garden of mystical delights with The Silver Acorn Tarot.

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September 28, 2024

Baba Yaga's Enchantment

Join Madame Pamita, Twisted Heart Puppetworks, and Ukrainian singer Alina Pash for a fully immersive celebration of the Slavic Witch of the Woods - Baba Yaga! This event at The Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles will truly enchant you.

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Not Sure Where To Get Started?

If this is your first time here, our Magical Megastore can feel a little overwhelming.

Follow this path to explore all the wonderful delights that The Parlour of Wonders has for you.

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1. Join the Spell Squad

The Spell Squad is my special group of magic makers. Everyone from stone-cold newbies to advanced professional colleagues are a part of this very special circle. Joining the Spell Squad is FREE and gives you access to so many wonderful perks! Your free bonuses include Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork, my 33-page illustrated ebook that will level up your magic no matter how experienced you are, free access to the Live Magic Q&A Tea Party, my weekly live Zoom meeting where you can ask your questions about magic, the tarot and more, valuable emails from me with Discounts, Exclusive Drops, and Special Announcements, and so much more!

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2. Book a Reading or Spiritual Session

Are you confused? Stuck? Or just in need of some compassionate guidance? Getting a reading can help you navigate the ups and downs of life and give you the map to your best destiny. Madame Pamita and the other experienced and positive readers at the Parlour of Wonders can meet with you In-Person or Online over Zoom, Google Meet or phone to help you find your way. Choose from the many types of services we offer: Tarot, Past Life, Oracle, Animal Familiar, Spirit Guide, Astrology, Charm Readings, and Shamanic Healing sessions are all available from the talented and caring readers at the Parlour of Wonders.

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3. Purchase an Easy-to-Do Spell Kit

We've got a selection of hundreds of items for casting spells and making magic but what if you aren't sure where to begin or don't want to have to gather all the items for a spell? Never fear! Our spell kits have everything you need and include complete step-by-step instructions that make the whole process foolproof. We have kits for Love Spells of all kinds including spell kits for same sex and non-binary folks. We have a full range of kits for Money Spells including more specific topics such as career magic, selling or buying a home and gambling luck. If you need Protection Spells or Spiritual Cleansing spells we've got those too! We have a kit for just about any positive topic on your spellcasting list.

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4. Let Us Cast a Spell for You

If you aren't ready to cast a spell yourself or want to keep your spellwork safe from prying eyes, we can cast a Candle Spell for you. Whether you want Madame Pamita or one of the other talented spellcasters at the Parlour of Wonders to light a dressed and blessed Vigil Candle or create a multi-candle Custom Spell for your intention, we do it with the love and care that we take with our own magical work. If you're on a bidget, you can take part in a Group Spell Service to tap into some collective magical energy or subscribe to our monthly New Moon Group Spell Service to keep your magic flowing throughout the year.

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5. Take a Witchcraft Workshop

Are you ready to learn authentic time-tested magic in a fun and inclusive environment? Madame Pamita has been teaching and practicing magic for more than four decades and her workshops are famous for being supportive, entertaining and packed full of the practical knowledge that will empower you to make magic. Whether you are taking an in-person Hands-On Workshop, a Live Zoom Workshop or taking a Video On-Demand Workshop, you'll learn so much and be able to instantly apply it to your spiritual practice. If you've never taken a class with her before, you don't know what your witchcraft is missing.

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6. Join my Inner Circle – The Coven

Are you ready to get all the special perks of being in my inner circle? The Coven is my monthly subscription service that offers you all the extras that my special friends get. There are several levels from Basic Witch all the way up to VIP Witch and each level builds on the perks of the levels below. For a reasonable subscription fee, you can access things such as Free Workshops, exclusive Product Drops and even private Tarot Sessions once a month! Check out all the amazing goodies that you can get and join at the level that has all the things that you want.

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7. Dive Deeper into Magic with a Book or Deck

Are you a book nerd like me? I love to soak up all the deep wisdom that a well-written book on magic can offer. I put that same love of spiritual knowledge into all the Magical Books that I have written – no AI involved! I am always writing and have had some amazing books published by the top publishers in the esoteric literary realm. You can buy my books at all the usual places or get a personalized signed copy from me here. If you're a Deck collector, then you'll love the decks that I am creating and the decks that I have supported by writing the guidebooks.

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