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How To Meet Your Spirit Guide & Change Your Life For The Better

Who Is Your Spirit Guide?


All of us have a council of guides around us who are there to protect, assist and give us helpful messages to guide our lives to our highest and best. But while you might believe in your spirit guides, you might not know what the best way to reach them or how to receive messages from them.


How to Meet Your Spirit Guide


It’s not hard to meet your spirit guide, all you have to have is the willingness to connect with them. Your guides love you and want to communicate with you, so the more you practice one or more of these techniques the easier it will be to connect to them.

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Using Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guide


One of the best ways to meet your spirit guide is to practice meditation. Whether you practice a silent meditation or use a special guided meditation (like the free spirit guide meditation I have on my website), the first thing to do is to ask for your guide to meet with you. Always ask for your own guides and spirits of the highest vibration to come forward. An example of what you might want to say before your meditation could be:


“I gather my spirit guides around me. Guides of the highest vibration who love and protect me. I invite one of my guides to meet with me and to give me useful, clear, and helpful messages.”


Once you have said that, you can begin your meditation and envision or meet with your guide. See what messages you get. Whether you get images, words, or feelings, listen to them and trust that you are meeting with a spirit guide who can offer you assistance.


Using Automatic Writing to Meet With Your Spirit Guide


Another way to get to know your spirit guide is to use automatic writing. To begin communicating with your guides, get a notebook or journal and two pens or pencils of different colors. Begin by writing your questions in one color and then switch pens and write the answers from your guide. Write out the answers that you get, the first thing that comes into your head. You may question whether the words are coming from you, but just go with it and keep writing, alternating between the two different colors of pen. If you push through your doubts, you will find that your guides will give you some important messages.


Looking for Repeating Numbers and Synchronicities


A final way to connect with your guides to help change your life for the better is to pay attention to synchronicities such as repeating numbers. Synchronicities are seemingly random coincidences that have meaning and significance. Things like finding coins or feathers on the street can be a sign of your guide sending you messages of abundance and security.


When you look at a clock and see a repeating number such as 11:11 or 2:22, reflect on what you were thinking about when you saw the number. Chances are that your guides are sending you a message of hope about that very topic.


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Your Spirit Guide Has Messages for You


Whichever way you choose to meet with your guides, know that they love you, they care for you, and they have important messages for you that can give you good guidance to make your life the very best. Take the time to connect with your guides and you will start to feel the power of your spiritual team that stands beside you.

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This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.

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