How Do You Find Your Spirit Guide?

How Do You Find Your Spirit Guide?

Your Spirit Guides Are All Around You


Whether you can sense it or not, each of us has a council of guides around us. They are positive and helpful spirits who have beautiful and healing guidance for us, can intervene to protect us, and can help us to ascend to our highest spiritual levels.


But How Do You Find Your Spirit Guide?


In my practice of helping people to connect to their spirit guides, I often get asked the question, “How do you find your spirit guide?” For someone just starting to build that connection, it can seem overwhelming to try to connect to angels, saints, ancestors, elemental spirits, and all the other forms that our guides can take.


The good news is, it’s really not that hard but you need to know some helpful steps to get started in your relationship with your guides.


1. Prepare Mentally


Ask yourself, “Am I in the right frame of mind?” Are my thoughts open-minded to who I might meet or am I skeptical? Am I thinking, “This is stupid?” If so, you might want to wait for a time when you are thinking more open and optimistic thoughts about meeting your guides. Cultivate a childlike imagination and openness to the idea of your spirit guide and who you might meet and you will be well on your way to meeting them.


2. Prepare Emotionally


Ask yourself, “Am I feeling light, happy and joyful?” While we can always call on our spirit guides when we are down, feeling sad or hopeless (And they are so great at bringing us back up to our highest vibrational places), but when we are first trying to truly meet them, our negative emotions can make us have doubts and fears.


Are you afraid of meeting your spirit guide? Are you feeling nervous or unsure? Then, it’s probably best to save your encounter for a time when you are feeling excited and happy.


3. Prepare Physically


When you are trying to find your spirit guide for the first time, it’s best to get in the right physical space. Make sure you are not hungry, tired, or thirsty. Make sure you are in a space that is quiet and where you feel at peace and do not have too many distractions (put down that phone! :D )


To really get the space ready, you can light a botanical incense on a charcoal or make a smokeless incense by making a spiritual “tea,” adding it to a spray bottle and spraying your room. You can also put on some quiet meditative music for drawing you deeper into a quiet space.


4. Ask To Meet Your Spirit Guide


Once you have prepared your mind, your heart and your space, you are ready to begin. Sit or lie down and let your guides know that you are ready to meet them. I love to ask them out loud for what I want. When I do that, it seems to center me and at the same time bring my focus to the intention at hand.


A great example of the words that you could use to meet your spirit guide could be something like:


“Beautiful and loving spirit guides. I am so thankful that you are around me, lovingly protecting me and guiding me. I would really love to meet you and build our loving connection to one another.”


Your spirit guides are all loving spirits of the highest vibration who want only to assist you and protect you, you can always add on something like the following if you are feeling you need some extra gate-keeping:


“I am inviting a connection with only my spirit guides — guides of the highest vibration who bring helpful and clear messages for my very highest good.”


Get into a quiet and meditative state and prepare to find your spirit guide. (If you need help getting into this state, I have a free guided meditation for meeting your spirit guide that you might find helpful).


5. Listen to the Messages that Come Forth


The guides can have interesting and subtle (or sometimes really direct) ways of transmitting messages to us. Depending on your natural gifts, you might get a vision of your guide in your mind’s eye (clairvoyance), you might hear words in your mind’s ear (clairaudience), you might get an inner-knowing (claircognizance) or a physical sensation like goosebumps or chills (clairsentience).


Pay attention to the subtle changes and messages that you experience and acknowledge them as messages from your guides. Oftentimes, these messages are subtle and if we are skeptical, we can write them off as our mind playing tricks on us. This is why it is so important to cultivate an attitude of openness and receptivity.


6. Ask for Signs


When you are connecting to your guides, you can ask them to show you signs that they are around you. Sometimes, they will show you or tell you what that sign will be while you are in your meditation and you will see that sign over and over again as you are out living your daily life. Other times, you might ask and they won’t tell you, but they will show you when you are out in the world.


For example, I know that one of the signs that my guides have for me is giving me a feather. As a result, I have had the guides leave giant peacock plumes, iridescent macaw feathers, day-glo dyed marabou feathers and all kinds of magical colorful feathers in my path just to remind me to pay attention or to let me know that they are around me.


Other signs that the guides might give you are seeing repeating numbers, seeing lights or shadows, having books fall off the shelf (pay attention to the title of the book), seeing sparks, seeing lightbulbs go out spontaneously, finding coins on the street, seeing a word or symbol over and over again, the list goes on and one. Just pay attention to patterns and synchronicities.


So whether they tell you during your meditation or while you are just living your life out in the world, pay attention to these important messages.


7. Thank Your Spirit Guide


Once you have had your encounter and you feel complete, thank your guides for connecting to you. I always find it helpful to say these words out loud. You can say something like the following:


“Thank you, dear spirit guides, for connecting to me and giving me these beautiful messages. I look forward to connecting with you again and throughout my day.”


Continue Your Connection to Your Spirit Guide


Once you’ve had your encounter with your spirit guide, don’t let it stop there. Create a spirit guide altar, talk to your guides, look for messages, and most importantly, ask them for help with what you are needing right now.


I love the idea of writing a letter to your spirit guides and listing the top three things that you need help with at this moment. Write them a letter, burn it over a dish and then sprinkle the ashes in the wind so that the message goes out into the spirit realm. Then watch for the signs, messages, direction, and synchronicities that the guides place in your path.


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This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango and Medium.

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