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"Madame Pamita has made a huge difference in my life..."

Madame Pamita has made a huge difference in my life. Her advice, guidance and teachings about spell work and manifestation have helped me to create important changes in my life and business. I trust Madame Pamita’s guidance and direction as a dear friend and teacher and would encourage anyone wanting to learn how to empower your spell work or receive accurate and helpful readings to work with her, you will be working with a master

– Ryan L.

"It’s three months later and we are rocking a great relationship!"

I ordered Madame Pamita’s Come To Me Love Spell Kit to find a great guy. I do energy work myself and had been working to find a romance trying many different techniques: visualization, hypnosis, affirmations, releasing blocks, shadow work, etc. The spell arrived 10 April 2017. The candles were so yummy to smell and touch! Pamita also added some Love Oil and Catnip in the bag, which I used as well. I got an old lasagna pan and placed the female candle to the lower right. I placed the male candle on the upper left. I started the evening spellwork moving the candles closer each evening until on the seventh evening they melded together. Around mid-April, an acquaintance I knew from work suddenly moved in across the hall at my apartment complex. We became friends and helped each other out as neighbors. At the end of July he asked that we start a dating relationship. It’s three months later and we are rocking a great relationship! It never occurred to me at the time that he would be the guy. The funny thing is, our appointments were situated in exactly the same pattern as the candles on the lasagna pan! He was catty-corner to me across the hall!

Thank you, Madame Pamita! I will ordering again, soon!

– Liz

"Absolutely amazing experience..."

Absolutely amazing experience. I was nervous at first however Madame Pamita is so down to earth and made me feel comfortable, I felt she was really focused and on-point with everything she was telling me. She's truly gifted. I am definitely sticking with her and HIGHLY recommending her – she's Amazing!

– Cecilia T.

"Madame Pamita is the best spiritual advisor and Tarot reader I have encountered by far!"

Madame Pamita is the best spiritual advisor and Tarot reader I have encountered by far! Not only is she wise and very intelligent in this field, but most importantly she is very supportive and inspiring in all she does. While I had my reading with her, me and her spoke like if we have known each other for years! Also, she is a marvelous listener, and when you open up and be yourself around her she will listen with a smile and never judge. Next, her business, parlor of wonders, has an A+ Staff (Bridget and Marlene)! Bridget is so friendly and knowledgeable about the products that are being sold and always replies to inquiries and feedback! She always lets you know that appreciation has been received with a smile. As for Marlene, I have not really spoken with her because I’ve had no need to return anything, because the quality of the items is flawless. I can say, however, she does her very best with all the orders they get shipped out and she is quick to notify product being sent out to the consumer. A great example, I ordered my first few things from the parlor wonders and a holiday was around, but as soon as she was able to, she notified me what was going on and speedily sent my order out. Nearing the end, every order I have placed has always included a small gift (in this case it was their soothing and empowering cone incense ). I adore them all for those little things extra and that is a tremendous sign for consumer relationships. Lastly, if you have a dream or goal, entrust Madame Pamita and her reliable team to help you succeed in all you do! I strongly recommend anyone to at least invest some time at her website or in her instructions, because I guarantee, me as an example, you will be inspired and encouraged to chase your dreams and confidently get them! Blessings Always!

– Brenden R.

"Hands down, BEST tarot reading I have EVER received and I’ve gone to many different readers..."

Hands down, BEST tarot reading I have EVER received and I’ve gone to many different readers (most of which were scams). I researched many readers online before deciding to go with Madame Pamita because I felt a good genuine vibe with her compared to other readers. I had watched her YouTube videos a couple years ago and I’m so happy I finally took action and made an appointment with her.

Madame Pamita is quite talented, especially with clairsentience (feeling the emotions of others). My tarot reading was regarding love and my former lover. The 30 minutes went by fast so next time I may want to get a longer reading. Madame Pamita is a good listener, very warm, friendly, professional and communicative. She was spot on about picking up on “Mr. D’s” energy and how he is a late bloomer in life and acts immature for his age. She was also right about him being confused about his life path. She confirmed my belief that he is not a player but an honorable yet wishy-washy man. My outcome card was positive but my foundation card was shaky. Although I had a mixed bag with the cards, Pamita brought me hope because with my situation I just need to push the rock downhill instead of uphill. Pamita also recommended that I begin empowering myself and feeling like the Leo queen I am and to work on bringing back my sparkle by using a Queen Elizabeth candle and sachet powder. I”m so GLAD I did this reading! It confirmed that I was on the right path and taking the right steps by focusing on valuing and bettering myself. I feel like I will be able to sleep better tonight because Pamita brought peace of mind to me and washed away some of my silly fears, doubt, and thoughts I had in my head. I will follow Pamita’s recommendations and continue going to her in the future. Thanks, Madame Pamita! Much love and light back to you! 

– Mahsa

"I have made purchases from Parlour of Wonders a few times and the service is amazing!"

I have made purchases from Parlour of Wonders a few times and the service is amazing! I have not had the need to speak to anyone for any reason because they are on top of their game. As the site says, they ship the same day or the next day (I recently made a Sunday order and it shipped around early in the afternoon hours). Since I live in the LA area, I normally get my packages in a day or two at the most. That is quality service there! The oils smell so amazing and, with proper intent and willpower, give amazing results. They even included cute samples of incense that I did not even realize that I would need! Everything is packaged wonderfully and securely. Definitely look into purchasing supplies if you are in the Los Angeles area! If you can’t go to the store – like I can’t – then the online shopping route is the best! A tracking number is always provided and the packages are even insured!

– Jasmine

"I can’t say enough good words about her..."

I heard about Madame Pamita through a friend of mine, as if she was “sent to me” at the right moment. I went for a 15 minute reading, I had one question, one area that needed enlightenment and the tarot was so right on point!!! Her reading helped me a lot!!! Felt peaceful and got the clarification I needed. I can’t say enough good words about her. I wanted also to buy a candle to clean up my energy and open up the road to more positive and magical manifestation, and she helped me chose the right items in my budget and even gave me tips to get some other cheaper things from any store. On top of all of it, I am a big fan of her podcasts, where she gives plenty of free guidance to make your life more magical and understand what is going on around. She is like a one of those fairies in the fairy tales, great guidance and window on the invisible world.

– Melissa

"My reading was sooooo on point, on time and served as a confirmation for me..."

Greetings, I had to take the time to share my transformative and very enlightening experience with the lovely Madame Pamita! I found Madame Pamita on YouTube and made an personal appointment an hour later! I fell in love with the way she shared her knowledge and passion for her work, her shop, the blog, the podcast and felt great about getting a reading with her too!…My Reading was sooooo on point, on time and served as a confirmation for me. I feel a lot more grounded and confident since my Past Life Reading with Madame Pamita. My questions and concerns were addressed in the most caring and affirmating way. I only wished I lived near Madame Pamita’s shop so I can buzz around there everyday! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the products I purchased online at M. Pamita’s shop. The shipping was fast, everything was BEAUTIFULLY and thoughtfully package and the QUALITY is SUPERIOR! I purchased crystals, a pendulum, a candle, a few oils and Pamita gifted with some heavenly incense cones. Yay! I look forward to working/shopping with and learning a lot more from Madame Pamita in the future! Big Love & Blessings, Kandice

– Kandice S.

"Madame Pamita is truly amazing and an authentic gem..."

Madame Pamita is truly amazing and an authentic gem. My reading with her was insightful and so relevant to my situation that I went in confused and unsure and walked away with a clear idea of what my path forward was and a much better understanding of myself and my spirit guides. I can’t stress enough how important that insight was. The best part is that her readings aren’t one dimensional; she has so many talents (tarot, past life insights, magic) and she brings that knowledge into her readings in a multi-faceted way. She communicated in a very clear, caring and creative way that really resonated with me. Thank you, Madame Pamita, for your enlightening guidance. You are the real deal!

– Jackie D.

"...well, all I can say is wow..."

I scheduled a one hour session with Madame Pamita. I have been listening to her podcasts for about one year prior to our session. The hour spent with her was great, not because she painted a rosy picture of what I brought to her, but because of her genuineness and sense of empathy and compassion. Without telling her some things, she really nailed it on the head, and the cards that came up, well all I can say is wow. The cards were dead on. I hope that all will turn out as I want, but regardless, I anticipate a long working relationship with her. And at the end, while she recommended some of her products, she didn’t push any that were overly expensive based on my budget. I would hope that in future communications with her that she will remain understanding of the financial limits. I think so though. I felt really good about our communication with one another. Our communication was via Skype video so we were able to see one another which is important to me.

– Kristen

"She really takes time to explain step by step on how to do the spell..."

Since I watched all the videos of Madame Pamita I was fascinated to learn and achieve my path. She really takes time to explain step by step on how to do the spell that you can easily understand even you’re not a native English speaking. I find her so real and unique in her works , in fact I visited her website and OMG! SO LOVELY!!! I downloaded her free eBook of her teachings. Thank you so much for your YouTube videos . Blessed be Madame Pamita!

– Ana F.

"I absolutely appreciate all of the attention and care you put into fulfilling an order..."

As an avid online shopper, I absolutely appreciate all of the attention and care you put into fulfilling an order. I love your “tutorials” by the way — I’m just starting out on this journey, so I’m very thankful for all the information people like you are willing to share.

– Trifoila F.

"...your products speak for themselves."

I wanted to say how incredible I find your customer service level is. I am super impressed. I know most try to deliver but I found my experience with Parlour of Wonders superseded everyone else, most likely because it was effortless. I am very appreciative of all of the communication and status updates you provide. They have added a more personal touch to the shopping experience. And of course, your products speak for themselves.

- Liya