Potions of Love

Seven Powerful Potions of Love

Brewing Potions of Love is Easy with These Potion Spell Kits!

Potions of love are such a powerful way to work. They are an extremely effective type of love magic. Potions aren't just for love either, you can use them for just about any type of spell. You can make your own potions using ingredients from your kitchen, or you can use one of the potion spell kits sold here at Parlour of Wonders! Below I've shared some of our most powerful love brews, as well as some creative ways to use them that you probably haven't thought of (including some non-romantic uses)!

Improve Your Luck in Love with a Good Luck Potion

Good Luck Potion Spell KitGet Good Luck Potion here!

A Good Luck Potion is a wonderful way to improve your luck in love. If you've had a rocky history with romance or find yourself with a broken heart brew up this potion to turn that luck around. If you're having one of our spellcasters do a luck spell for you consider drinking this potion as it burns to bring the effects of the spell into your body.

When boiling the water for this potion pick a number that is lucky to you. If no number comes to mind you can use lucky number 7.

If you have a potion infuser dip it into your hot water and stir it in a clockwise motion your lucky number of times while speaking your wishes out loud. And when brewing it loose, pour the water over the potion mix and stir it clockwise 7 (or your other number) times with a spoon while speaking your intention out loud. A good intention could be: "My luck in love keeps getting better and better."

Use This Bewitching Potion for a Beauty Spell

Bewitching PotionGet Bewitching Potion here!

If you're not feeling beautiful it's going to be very hard to draw in new love or keep the flame strong in your current relationship. This Bewitching Potion can be used for a powerful beauty spell that will make you feel more glamorous than ever before! Drink this on a Friday before doing a skincare ritual with Rose Water (especially a magical Rose Water like the Madame Pamita's). With each sip you take picture your insecurities or melting away with the warm water.

To make your spell even more powerful add a sprinkle of your potion mix to a bath along with a sprinkle of your Rose Water or even a little bit of Orange Flower Water! You could also add some pink salt or even some spiritual bath crystals for an even more powerful spiritual bath.

Serve Potions of Love to Your Desired Lover

LOVE ME Potion Spell kitGet Love Me Potion here!

A great feature of potions is you can serve them to someone you wish to do some magic on! You can serve Love Me Potion to someone you desire. Or serve it to an existing partner to make them more committed and in love with you.

This potion isn't just limited to romantic love spells either! Use this potion to make a client love you. Serve it at an open house to make people fall in love with your house. Sit the loose leaf potion out in your business as potpourri to make your customers more excited about your offerings. This Love Me Potion will bring in amazing results no matter how you choose to use it.

Drink Potions of Love to Bring Your True Love to You

TRUE LOVE Potion of LoveGet True Love Potion here!

Do you want to drink a potion and have true love bloom? Look no further than True Love Potion from Parlour of Wonders. The Hibiscus Flower in this potion tastes lovely and turns the water bright red. You can drink this potion or add it to a spiritual bath for some very magical results.

True Love Potion tastes great iced, so brew some up and leave it in your fridge and drink it as part of a daily love ritual. If someone you wish to be romantic with comes by pour them a glass too! As you add honey or sweetener imagine them sweetening right up to you thanks to this magical infusion.

Add Potions of Love to Your Next Come to Me Spell

COME TO ME PotionGet Come to Me Potion Here!

If you're doing a Come to Me candle spell or having a Come to Me Spell Service performed for you adding a potion to your routine is a great way to make the spell even more effective. Come to Me potion is designed to send the person you desire your way. With each sip you take visualize your perfect partner moving closer and closer to you. You can also add this herbal blend to your bath for a simple but effective spiritual bath!

This potion doesn't have to be used in combination with other spellwork. It's highly effective just by itself, so don't hesitate to get this brew if you're hoping for a special someone to come your way. You could also use this for non-romantic work like calling in clients or spirit guides!

Keep Your Partner Committed to You with This Binding Potion

Binding Potions of LoveGet Love Binding Potion here!

If you worked hard to get your dream lover you don't want to let them get away! Maybe you have a sense that they're about to stray, or perhaps they've already done so. It doesn't mean things have to be over, use this Love Binding Potion to restrengthen the bonds of your relationship and keep them tied to you.

There are many ways you can work with this potion. Drink it yourself while visualizing your bond strengthening and your lover becoming more and more committed and faithful to you. Serve it to them with or without their knowledge for even stronger results. If they aren't the type to drink a tea you could cook with the herbs in this blend for an even sneakier way of getting this magical intention into their body! You could also bathe in this potion together or alone to strengthen the bond between you. Find more binding spell products here.

Use This Potion of Love We've All Heard Of

Potions of LoveGet Love Potion No. 9 here!

We've all heard the song Love Potion No. 9, but did you know there's an actual Love Potion No. 9 for sale right here at Parlour of Wonders? This potion has nine potent ingredients for nine times the power!

You can brew this up, close your eyes and visualize your perfect lover and then take a drink! You could also bathe in the herbs, carry them with you in a flannel mojo bag, or sprinkle them around your house to invite love into your life and home. You're going to love the results you get from working with Love Potion No. 9! You could even buy this potion spell kit as an add-on to your next candle love spell and sprinkle the herbs from the mixture around your candles as they burn.

Learn More About Potions

Check out this video from Madame Pamita's Youtube Channel for even more information about working with magical potions of love:


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