Spells with Spiritual Oils

How to Use Spiritual Oils: A Magic Oil How To Guide

What Are Spiritual Oils?

Have you seen Madame Pamita Spiritual Oils on the Parlour of Wonders website and wondered what they were used for? Well, wonder no more! This is your handy guide to show you the many wonderful ways that you can use this versatile magical tool to bring more good things into your life and keep away the bad ones. It's easy to do spells with Spiritual Oils and this magic oil how to guide will show you the ins and outs of these powerfully positive potions.

How to Work With Spiritual Oils

The Spiritual Oils that we witchcraft with love and care at the Parlour of Wonders are handcrafted and created from real botanical essential oils and herbs. Plants have strong vibrational qualities and these oils are powerful and extremely effective tools for your spells.

I have worked with many magical tools over the decades, sometimes with good results, sometimes not-so-good. With my experience, I saw that there was a need for Spiritual Oils that were made with true magical botanicals, that smelled good, were witchcrafted with care, and most importantly supported a spell's true intention. That's why I began crafting my own oils. I shared my special oils with my witchy friends and when they saw the same great results that I did, they began asking me to make them for available so that they could pass their "secret spell weapon" along to their witchy friends. And with that, I began crafting Madame Pamita's Spiritual Oils, what I believe to be the best spiritual oils on the market today.

Spiritual Oils can be used in multiple ways, applying them to your body, your environment, your tools (magical or otherwise), added to other liquids and so much more.

Picking the Right Oil

Below I’ve listed some ideas on how to use oils to effect the change in your life that you wish to create. Don’t be limited by this list though. Use your own inspiration and creativity when using your oils. However, be aware; although these oils are natural, they are for external use only and should never be taken internally.

Oils can be generally divided into two types: those which are used to bring desired things in (for example, True Love, Grand Success, Good Luck, Powerful Protection, or Money Magnet) and those which are used to clear unwanted things out (for example, Uncrossing, Banishing or Energetic Purification).

Sometimes, you need to do both clearing out and bringing in, and if that is the case, I recommend applying the clearing out oil first and then the bringing in oil after.

Ways to Use Spiritual Oils

Anointing With Spiritual Oils

For bringing in something wanted, apply a few drops of oil to your palms and then run your hands over your body in an upward motion, from the soles of your feet up your legs and torso, from your hands to your shoulders, and from the back of your neck up the back of your head to the top of your head.

For banishing something unwanted, apply to your body in a downward motion, from your head down your torso to the tips of your toes and from your shoulders down your arms to the tips of your fingers.

Alternately, you can anoint by applying a dot of the oil to your chakras or to your heart, hands, genitals or whatever body part is most appropriate for the work that you are doing

Applying spiritual oil to a spell candle

Dressing a Candle With Spiritual Oils

For figural or free standing candles, apply 5-10 drops of oil to the palm of your hand. If your spell is to bring something wanted to you, apply to the candle in a upward direction, from the base of the candle up to the wick. If you are doing a spell to release or banish something, then apply the oil in a downward direction, from the wick down to the base.

For vigil candles or glass-encased candles, make 3, 7, or 9 holes in the top of the candle and place one drop of oil in each hole. This applies to both bringing things in or casting them out.

For more information on how to prepare a magic candle, check out my book The Book of Candle Magic or take a look at my quick and easy How to Do a Candle Spell: A Candle Magic How To Guide.

Bath With Spiritual Oils

Create a spiritual bath by drizzling 3-15 drops of oil into your bath water and use your bath as a place of meditation and prayer for your intention.

You can also make a spiritual "bath" in your shower by adding 5-10 drops of spiritual oil to a basin or bucket of warm water and pouring it over yourself while you take your shower.

For more information about Spiritual Baths, check out my Spiritual Cleansing with Bath Salts: A Bath Crystals How To Guide.

Inhalant With Spiritual Oils

A quiet and meditative way to work with spiritual oils is to create a ritual inhalant. Add 5-10 drops of oil to a quart of hot water in a bowl or basin.

Place your face over the bowl, make a tent with and inhale the fragrant steam as you focus on your wishes and intentions.

Massage With Spiritual Oils

20-40 drops of a Spiritual Oil may be added to 4 oz. of Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Fractionated Coconut, Apricot Kernel or any other plain massage oil. Apply this oil to your own body or for a love spell, apply this oil to your beloved while silently envisioning your intention.

Foot or Hand Wash with Spiritual Oils

To cleanse or empower your hands (for making magic) or your feet (so that you may walk in safety and success), add 10-15 drops of a spiritual oil to a basin of water. Wash hands and/or feet to add the positive qualities you wish to bring in.

bless your home with spiritual oils

Spiritual Oils in the Home

To protect and invite positive energies into your home, apply a few drops of a Spiritual Oil to door frames, window frames, and door handles. Be careful to avoid cloth or paper, such as curtains or wallpaper, that may get stained by oils.

Room Spray with Spiritual Oils

If you'd like to imbue an indoor or outdoor space with positive energy or clear away negativity, I recommend adding 20 drops of spiritual oil to 4 oz. of water in a spray bottle or atomizer. Shake to mix the contents and then spray in your space avoiding upholstery, curtains, wallpaper or other cloth or paper surfaces that can stain.

Madame Pamita making spiritual oils

Spiritual Oils on Tools

To bring certain positive qualities to your work (such as Abundant Prosperity or Steady Work), apply appropriate oils to the tools of your trade (computer, cash register, hammers, paint brushes, etc.)

Working With Spiritual Oils on Your Auto

Apply a few drops of spiritual oils such as Powerful Protection, Open Roads, Good Luck or similar oils to your car door handles, wheel rims or steering wheel to protect you, your passengers and your car.

Working on Others With Spiritual Oils

To bring in the results you want from others, such as lovers, clients, bosses or family members, place a little oil on an item which they will touch or add it to the gift of some lotion or shampoo which they will use on their body.

spiritual oils and witchcraft

Blending Oils

Although the oils we sell have a pleasant scent, if the aroma is too strong, you may dilute the blend with a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil, or Coconut oil.

Sometimes you may have a situation where one oil alone doesn’t address all your issues. In that case, blend or layer oils to bring in or clear out what is necessary. For example, If you want to attract a new love, you can use both New Romance, to invite a new relationship into your life and Magnetic Attraction to draw that love to you easily. Or, if you’re going gambling, you might want to use a combination of Money Magnet and Good Luck. Let your needs and your imagination guide you to the perfect customized combination.

New Romance Oil

New Romance Oil by Madame Pamita

Invite in a beautiful love with someone new – whether it’s a new relationship developing with someone you’ve met or you’re ready to call in the perfect love of someone you have yet to meet.


Magnetic Attraction Oil

Magnetic Attraction Oil by Madame Pamita

If you want good things to come to you – love, money and luck – then Magnetic Attraction oil will make you the magnet drawing all that good stuff toward you.



Money Magnet Oil


Money Magnet Oil by Madame Pamita

Money Magnet Oil is used in money drawing spells. Use this oil if you have a financial situation where you wish to attract funds quickly and effortlessly.

Good Luck Oil

Good Luck Oil by Madame Pamita

Good Luck Oil is designed to assist you in spells to open up lucky breaks, bring in good luck streaks, or give you the edge in risky endeavors.

Working Toward Results

There is no specific “all-purpose” time frame in which to expect to see results when working with oils. Many people find success by working with oils almost immediately, but it is a subtle sort of work and with situations that are very open, you will also most likely see very quick results.

Situations that are more complicated or blocked may require that you work with oils over some time. Be patient and continue your work. If you don’t see a result after an extended time working with oils, you may wish to have a consultation with one of the Parlour of Wonders readers to see if there is some other spiritual work that will help move your situation in the direction you choose.

Madame Pamita crafting spiritual oils for spells

Specific Methods for Certain Oils

Some oils also have specific application methods which enhance their effectiveness. These oils can be used in any of the ways described above or in the unique ways suggested below.

Absolute Power Oil - Apply to the chest over the heart to give courage and strength in challenging situations.

Abundant Prosperity Oil - Rub a few drops on your hands before handling cash, checks, or dealing with bank accounts to bring more money into your hands.

Banishing Oil - If there is a troublesome neighbor or co-worker that you would like to move on, place a drop on a door handle that they will touch to drive them away.

Binding Oil - Keep someone attached to you by placing a few drops of this oil in the body wash or hand soap that they use.

Block Buster Oil - If there are blockages preventing you from success, place a few drops of this oil on yourself or your candle before applying the oil for attaining your goal.

Bountiful Blessings Oil – Anoint the base of the skill, where the skull joins the spinal column for healing, power-enhancing, and other life-changing magic spells; use your palm and make a massage-like squeezing-rubbing motion, end with an upward brush of the palm.

Break Up Oil - Break Up Oil is designed to create arguments and strife to break up a love relationship, partnership, cliques or gangs. Apply to candles representing each member of the party or place a drop on something that the individuals will touch.

Come to Me Oil - Anoint the erogenous zones of yourself or your loved one or add several drops to a massage oil before a sensual massage.

Command and Control Oil - To get others to do your bidding, apply this oil to something that they will touch.

Domination Oil - If you'd like total domination over another person, apply this oil to a candle or poppet representing the person.

Dragon's Blood Oil - For strong fiery protection from harmful people or energies, apply this oil to yourself, your home or a protection candle, such as the Gargoyle candle.

Energetic Purification Oil - To cleanse negativity and purify, add several drops of this oil to a bath, or add several drops to a spray bottle of spring water to energetically freshen your spaces.

Faithful Marriage Oil - Add to a massage oil and give your partner a massage to keep them true to you.

Fame and Fortune Oil - Apply to yourself before doing any activity for which you would like to receive positive attention.

Fire of Desire Oil - Rub a few drops into your hands before you touch your lover to incite wild desire in them.

Good Luck Oil – Apply to your money before gambling or your hands before going gambling.

Grand Success – Anoint the crown of your head with this oil to bring the highest levels of success to yourself.

High Creativity – Place a dot on your forehead between your eyebrows to open up intelligence and creativity.

Holy Healing – Massage this oil on your chest over your heart for emotional and spiritual healing.

Instant Gratification – Apply this oil to a fast-burning Slim Beeswax Taper Candle to speed up your spell results.

Joie de Vivre – Put 10-20 drops in your bath water to spiritually cleanse away the blues.

Lucky Lodestone – Feed your lodestone with a drop of oil every time it attracts something exceptionally good to you.

Magnetic Attraction – Apply to yourself with a prayer or intention of what good things you would like to attract.

Money Magnet – Apply to your money, wallet or cash register to draw more money to you.

Native Spirit – Apply to a Beeswax Black Hawk Spell Candle to honor the spirit of Black Hawk.

New Romance – Apply to a piece of jewelry you are wearing before going out to invite a new relationship.

Open Roads – Apply to spell candles to open opportunities or to your car for safe and smooth travel.

Peace and Tranquility – Add several drops to a spray bottle with some spring water and spray to bring peace and calm to your home or workplace.

Powerful Protection – Apply on your body or a protective talisman to make yourself spiritually invisible to your enemies or apply to your doors and windows to keep evil out of your home.

Psychic Eye – Place a dot on your forehead between your eyebrows to open up intuition or apply at bedtime to invite prophetic dreams.

Queen Elizabeth – Apply lavishly to your body for self-confidence and to gain respect and admiration from others

Release and Restore – To let go of what is unwanted and bring in a new and better outcome, apply to your body from head toward feet.

Return to Me – Apply this oil to a beeswax poppet of the one you want to return to you.

Reverse Negativity – Use on the black half of a Beeswax Double Action Candle to send negativity back to its source.

Santa Muerte – Apply to a Beeswax Santa Muerte Spell Candle to honor this Mexican folk saint.

Self Love – Apply on your body as you look into the mirror and speak loving and encouraging words toward yourself.

Shut Your Mouth – Dress a Beeswax Lips Spell Candle or Beeswax Three Wise Monkeys Spell Candle to stop others from gossiping about you.

Smooth Separation – If you would like to separate peacefully from someone, place a few drops on a door knob, car door handle, or other item that your target will touch.

Soul Mate – Apply some oil to your body before meeting your lover to deepen your relationship.

Spirit Guide – Apply a few drops to an item that was once owned by your loved one who has passed to connect more deeply to them.

Steady Work – Apply to your hands before applying for a job or asking for a raise or promotion.

Supreme Confidence – Apply to yourself when you need a boost of empowerment.

Sweet Reconciliation – Apply to a blue beeswax male, female, or human figural candle representing your target and a blue candle representing yourself so that the two of you make up after an argument.

Talk to Me – Apply a few drops to a plastic or metal gift that you send to the one who isn't speaking to you.

True Love – Place a several drops in your target's shampoo, conditioner or body wash to get them to deepen their emotions and commitment.

Truth and Justice – Place five drops in a five-spot pattern on a Custom Mojo Bag made for your legal success.

Uncrossing – Add to a spiritual bath for clearing and cleansing hard negativity.

Upper Hand – Apply to your hands before shaking the hand of someone you wish to influence.

Van Van Oil – Dress a lucky rabbit foot charm or other Good Luck Charm to turn bad luck to good.

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