Spiritual Sachet Powders

How to Use Powders in Your Spells: Spiritual Sachets How To Guide

What Are Spiritual Sachet Powders?

Spiritual Sachets, like Spiritual Oils, are tools for strengthening spells or spiritual intentions. The sachets we create at the Parlour of Wonders are witchcrafted from real botanical essential oils and herbs. Plants have strong vibrational qualities and these sachets are powerful and extremely effective tools for working on a vibrational level.

How to Work With Spiritual Sachets

Like oils, sachets can be used in multiple ways: applying them to your body, sprinkling them in an environment, applying them to your tools (magical or otherwise), blowing them into the air, adding them to other powders and so much more. The difference between oils and sachets is that sachets can be applied to areas and materials such as cloth or paper without leaving an oily residue.

Sachets can be generally divided into two types: those which are used to bring desired things in and those which are used to clear unwanted things out. It is often advisable to do clearing out and then do bringing in, in that order.

Spiritual Sachet Powder on the Body

Ways to Use Spiritual Sachets

Below I’ve listed some ideas on how to use sachets to bring in something that you want, for example love, success, good luck, protection or money. Don’t be limited by this list though. Use your own inspiration and creativity when using your sachets. However, be aware; although these sachets are natural, they should never be taken internally.

Applying Spiritual Sachets to Your Body

If you are working to bring something to you, use a powder puff and dust your body in an upward motion, from your feet up to your head and from your fingertips toward your armpits. If you are clearing out something unwanted, dust your body in an downward motion, from your head down your torso to the tips of your toes and from your armpits down your arms to the tips of your fingers.

Blowing Spiritual Sachets


You can take a small amount of powder into your palm and blow it to the East, South, West and North to bring the energy of the sachet to a space or to clear a your home or office from negativity. You can also blow sachet powders onto a person for cleansing or to bring in positive energies or, if the person is not present, in the direction where you believe the person to be.


Dressing a Candle With Spiritual Sachets

Apply a spiritual oil or a plain oil to a candle in an upward motion and then sprinkle with a sachet powder to bring something to you or downward to clear something out. For more information on how to prepare a magic candle, go to my How to Do a Candle Spell: A Candle Magic How To Guide.

Using Spiritual Sachets in Foot Work

Sprinkle sachet in your shoes to invite good luck in life and let your feet lead you to your treasure or sprinkle sachet in your shoes to remove negative energies if you have been crossed through foot track magic.

Using Spiritual Sachets in the Home/Work/Business

If you wish to improve the environment in your home, workplace or business, sprinkle sachet powder around the property or in the four corners of each room. You may also keep a cloth bag filled with sachet powder in your dresser drawers.


Using Spiritual Sachets in Mojo Bags

Using sachet powders as ingredients in a mojo bag is an easy an effective way to carry the energy of what it is that you want to bring in or to continually clear negativity around you.

Using Spiritual Sachets With Incense

A pinch of a sachet powder added to botanical incense is effective for creating an inviting space or cleansing an environment.

Using Spiritual Sachets on Paperwork

If you would like to invite better success in business or career, you can dust business cards or paperwork with a sachet to invite in the change you want. If someone has sent you paperwork with a negative energy, you can dust it with a clearing sachet to remove any blockages.

Using Spiritual Sachets on Others

To influence another person, you can sprinkle a little sachet on a cloth or paper item which they will touch or mix it with some local dirt and sprinkle it somewhere where they will step, such as a threshold. To clear a negative person out of your life, you can sprinkle a little Energetic Purification Spiritual Sachet on a cloth or paper item which they will touch or mix it with some local dirt and sprinkle it somewhere where they will step, such as a threshold.

Blending Sachets

Sometimes you may have a situation where one sachet alone doesn’t address all your issues. In that case, blend or layer sachets to bring in or clear out what is necessary. For example, If you have been having arguments with your loved one, you can use both Sweet Reconciliation to make up and Peace and Tranquility to keep it that way. Or, if you’re going gambling, you might want to use a combination of Money Magnet and Good Luck. Let your needs and you imagination guide you to the perfect customized combination.

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