Pulled The Tower? Combat it with Magic!

Pulled The Tower? Combat it with Magic!

Pulled The Tower? Take These Steps to Soften the Blow

Pulled the tower? We've all been there! If you spend enough time with the tarot The Tower is sure to eventually rear its head. It can be a scary sight, and it's easy for your mind to start going to worst case scenarios as soon as you see it. You know what your fears are, and when you see the tower they all come right into the front of your mind.

There's good news though, The Tower doesn't have to be scary. It doesn't always mean that disaster is ahead, especially if you're a smart witch and treat it as a warning sign. The whole point of a tarot reading is to get insight into a situation, and just like in life sometimes there are red flags. The Tower is just that. A red flag. It could indicate a major shift or tragedy, but it could also represent a near miss with the right magical intervention.

Read on for some practical and magical steps you can take after you've pulled the tower.

1. Assess Your Situation Once You've Pulled The Tower

Think about this like you would any other warning sign: Don't jump to the worst possible outcome and investigate the root cause. Not sure how to investigate the root cause? Close your eyes and calm your mind. Slowly go through the various aspects of your life one by one. Health. Money. Home. Love. See which one feels the most vulnerable in this moment. If you pulled the tower as part of a larger spread, meditate on the placement and the cards around it. Was it located in the past? Problem solved! You've already made it past the disaster. If you feel sadness or vulnerable in any of the areas of your life that's the one that this card is likely to indicate an upcoming problem in, so trust your intuition and take your next steps based on that.

If your intuition isn't speaking to you try speaking to a friend.If you're having trouble figuring out what the tower meant in your reading consider having someone else do a reading for you. Consulting a friend who does tarot or a trusted professional reader is a great way to get some additional insight into the situation if you're having trouble.

2. Consult Your Guides About Why You Pulled The Tower

Have you built a relationship with your spirit guides? They are the perfect place to turn when you feel that something bad is on the way. If you pulled the tower and don't know what it meant go to your spirit guides and ask them directly. There are several ways you can go about asking that question. This free meditation from Madame Pamita is my personal favorite way to visit my guides and ask them which road I should take. Listen to it in a quiet place where no one is going to disturb you. If you're having trouble getting an answer from them keep trying, like anything worth having it can take some work to get it.

You can also do a candle spell to put in a request to your guides! Here are 8 candle spells for connecting to your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors. I'll also show you a candle spell that you can do to bring in some extremely powerful protection later in this article.

3. Take A Spiritual Bath

Powerful Protection Bath Crystals are great if you've pulled the towerA Spiritual Bath or series of spiritual baths is a great way to steer your ship in the right direction after you've pulled the tower. There are many ways you can go about taking a spiritual bath. You could take a handful of sea salt plus a handful of epsom salt and a few drops of spiritual oil aligned with your intention for a simple bath. Or you can get ready to go spell bath crystals sent to your door from Parlour of Wonders for an extremely powerful and easy spiritual bath. I would suggest getting Powerful Protection or Energetic Purification. Or get both and mix them together! This act of mixing multiple spiritual bath crystals together makes your spell more customized to your needs and infuses it with your energy. Pulled the tower? Use Energetic Purification Bath Crystals

I like to take a handful of Energetic Purification bath crystals and place it into a bowl on my altar. As I do so I say "I purify myself and my surroundings" out loud. Then I take a handful of Powerful Protection bath crystals and say "I am invisible to all negative forces and powerfully protected at all times." You can then do a series of 3, 7, or 13 baths depending on the severity of your situation. Or just one. Even just one bath with this powerful blend will be super helpful. You can also leave the bowl of salts sitting out on your altar for ongoing protection and purification. Or even out in the open in your living room or home as magical potpourri. You could also work with Powerful Protection Oil and Energetic Purification Oil by putting a few drops of those in your bath or on your body!

4. Do This Candle Spell if You've Pulled The Tower

gargoyle protection spell kit black

What You'll Need: A Gargoyle Protection Candle Spell Kit (in Black) and a Protection Potion Spell Kit

Instructions: Think of this spell as preparing for a storm. If you know a storm is coming you're going to take certain steps to make sure no more damage is done than needed. This spell casts a very strong shield of protection around you. You shouldn't over react if you've pulled the tower, but this is a highly effective, all purpose protection spell for anyone no matter what your current or coming situation is. You can do this spell yourself or have it performed for you by me or another one of the talented spellcasters here at Parlour of Wonders. Start by assembling your Gargoyle spell kit according to the instructions that come with the kit. For an extra boost you could also add a Protection Candle Spell Booster Pack which includes four thick tapers that you can use as support candles. Pulled the tower? Drink this Protection Potion

Once you've set up your candle draw a bath. Place your gemstone from the spell kit (or both gemstones if you got the booster kit!) in the tub along with a sprinkle of your potion. Get in the bath and visualize a bubble of protection growing larger and larger over your and your home as you bathe. Focus only on this visualization as you bathe. Treat this as a sacred space and not a normal bath.

When you get out of the tub place your gemstones on the plate with your candle spell and brew a cup of the potion. Take a sip and then light your candle. Visualize your bubble of protection growing just like before. Let the light of the flame expand the size of your bubble rapidly and drink the rest of your potion. Repeat this bath/potion ritual each night as the candle burns until it is complete.

Not sure about doing a spell yourself? I can do this spell for you, or I can do a Custom Vigil Candle Spell Service.

5. Get A Reading For Further Insights

If you pulled The Tower while reading for yourself you may want to have a reading done for you by a friend or professional tarot reader. Getting specific with the questions you ask the tarot is a great way to get more direct answers, so make sure to spend time prior to your reading planning your questions and figuring out what it is you want to know. If you're having trouble thinking of questions ask your reader! You don't need to withhold information to "test" your reader, by giving them as much background information as possible they can give you a more in-depth and accurate read of the cards according to your circumstances.

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