Witchcraft FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Witchcraft

Q: Where is your office located?

A: We are an online store only. To keep your orders and our employees safe, we maintain strict health and safety and are not open to the public.

Q: Do you do In Person/FaceTime/Phone/Email/Text/Audio Message or Video Message readings?

A: Yes, all of the above are available.

Q: Which is best for a reading - in person, phone, email, FaceTime, text, audio or video?

A: Each have their unique advantages but all are equally helpful and effective, so choose the method which works best for you.

Q: I ordered products. How long will it take for them to arrive?

A: We are a small operation, so unlike the anonymity of large corporations like Amazon, we put your order together with personal attention and your needs in mind. This also means that we do not have the ability to ship products out in conveyor belt fashion like the big stores. If you would like to estimate when your order will arrive, you can reach out to us at shipping@parlourofwonders.com. As a general rule for shipments in the U.S., please allow two weeks from the time of your order for your product to arrive. For international shipments, please allow four weeks from the time of your order.

Q: What if my package is delivered but I have not received it?

A: All packages are shipped through United States Postal Service (USPS). All packages will have a tracking number which is emailed to you at shipment time, and you can follow your package any time by tracking it. Packages reported delivered by USPS are considered delivered by Parlour of Wonders and are the consumer's responsibility at that point. Please make sure you have a safe and secure delivery address for us to ship to. If you still have questions about your shipment, you may email us at shipping@parlourofwonders.com.

Q: What should I do if my package is delivered but the items inside are damaged?

A: We take care to package all items with extra cushioning so that your items arrive safely, but on a rare occasion the shipping journey is extra rough. If you have damaged items, please do ALL of the following, so that we can file a claim with the post office and get your replacement item to you as quickly as possible:

  • Contact us immediately at shipping@parlourofwonders.com.
  • Save the original packaging and everything in the package until your claim is settled.
  • Do not throw out damaged items, even after you photograph them.
  • Do not reship items that were not damaged. Save them with the damaged items.
  • You may be asked to take the entire package to your local Post Office facility for inspection.

To receive a replacement, you must contact us within 7 days of your package arriving. We will not be able to file claims past 7 days.

Q: What are your ethical standards?

A: I am an active member of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers. We have a strict code of ethics which I abide by. I personally maintain strict confidentiality when it comes to what you discuss with me in our reading and I do not share or distribute your email, phone or other personal information.

Q: What is necessary for you to do spell work for me?

A: Single Candle Spells and Mojo Bags can be done with or without a reading beforehand, although a reading can be very helpful and is recommended. All spell work and mojo bags require that you agree to this spellwork agreement.

Q: Do I have to be a certain religion to do spells?

A: No! All faiths and religions have magic. Even non-religious people cast spells. Whether you send off a prayer, say an affirmation or cast a circle, you are doing magic. Throughout history, witchcraft has existed in all faiths but has often been suppressed by people in power so that they are able to control the populace. Take back your power! If you have a desire for a better life, more happiness, more prosperity, more love, then magic can assist you.

Q: I'm new to magic or simply want a tried-and-true combination of materials for my spellwork. What do you offer?

A: Spell kits are the perfect solution when you are new to magic. Both beginning spellcasters and seasoned practitioners love the convenience of having all the materials for your spell ready-to-go without having to come up with a formula or researching what herbs and oils will be best for your intention.

Novice witches appreciate having the step-by-step instructions next to them as they prepare their spells and gain confidence in their spellcasting abilities. More experienced magic workers like the ease of having everything at hand and the inspiration that the instructions can bring to their own version of the spells.

Q: What comes in a spell kit?

A: Every spell kit comes with all the major ingredients you need for a candle or incense spell. The herbs, oils, charcoal, candles, talismans and other hard-to-find items are all included. All you have to provide are the tools that you have around the house such as a knife, dish, or matches. Every step is clearly spelled out in the instructions that are included with the kit. Many of the spell kits also have instructional videos available, showing you what is included in the kit and each step of the spell preparation process.

You don’t have to be an initiated magical practitioner, have years of experience or be naturally gifted to do an effective spell. Everything that you need is included in the kit so you can have success with your very first try.

Q: How do I use witchcraft tools or spiritual supplies?

A: If you are new to spellcasting, then start with some of the free resources here at the Parlour of Wonders - the How To Videos, the Magic and the Law of Attraction Podcast, Madame Pamita’s Magic Blog, and the How To Guides are all a great place to begin. Want to dive in deeper? Check out the hand-curated selection of books available in our online bookstore.

If you’re just beginning to do magic, you may want to purchase a spell kit that has everything you need to cast a spell plus easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. Just follow the instructions and you are on your way to a foolproof spell! Magic can be empowering, easy and effective for creating positive changes in your life on the spiritual level.

Q: How long does it take a spell to work?

A: That depends on the circumstances surrounding the situation: often, more challenging situations require a longer time to turnaround. I was taught, as a general rule, to look for a small positive sign (such as hearing a special song on the radio, seeing a word on a billboard, a special number on a clock or seeing a symbol of some kind) within three days of completing your spellwork; to look for movement toward your goal within three weeks; and to look for your outcome within three months.

If, at any point, you are not seeing one of these signs, then you probably have to go back and give it more energy, employ a new strategy, light another candle or do some more spiritual work around your situation. Think about this: not every disease is cured with one dose of medicine; sometimes it requires another dose and sometimes several - the same is true for spiritual work. If you would like to know more specific timing for your particular case or a spiritual assessment of how challenged the situation is, I recommend getting a reading with me or another trusted reader.

Q: Do you guarantee that I will get the result that I want from my spellwork?

A: No ethical worker can guarantee a certain result from spiritual work, because of the principle of free will. While spellwork can influence a situation, it cannot turn someone who is willfully opposed to an outcome into a puppet or bring you an outcome if you are not taking the corresponding real world action.

Think of spellwork being similar to a healthcare provider administering healing. No ethical doctor will ever guarantee a 100% positive outcome. Some health conditions are simple and easy to turn around, others are challenging, and still others may look bleak. Also, as with medicine, you must also consider if your real-world action is supporting your good outcome. A person who has emphysema and continues to smoke will not have the same prognosis as someone who decides to quit smoking, eat healthy and exercise. A good doctor will provide the best possible care for your situation to bring in the outcome you desire, but it also requires that you do some action on your part to support the intention of healing.

Ethical spiritual workers are the same. We can help with the spiritual aspects of your situation, but for the best outcome you should be supporting your spiritual work with real world action. Our approach focuses on both the practical aspects and the spiritual aspects of your life situation. This is why we suggest a reading before single candle spells and require a reading before doing complex candle work. We will take a look at your case, assess whether the outlook is good, workable or if there is little hope for your outcome and suggest both spiritual and practical guidance. I look at all aspects to see what strategy is best for the situation. This way, I can provide the best possible spiritual work for your highest possible outcome.