• Are You Looking to Make Your Spells a Success?

    Madame Pamita has been practicing witchcraft her entire life and these select pages were created by her from the information she has been collecting for decades. If you want to build your own book of shadows, these pages will fast track your magical practice with tried-and-true information that really works. 


    These full-color pages can be read as a pdf or downloaded, printed out and added to your own witchcraft binder or grimoire. You can purchase these pages for $20, or you can get them for FREE by signing up for our magical newsletter using the form below!

What is a Book of Shadows?

A book of shadows, or grimoire, is a witch's private spellbook – a journal to keep recipes, charts and correspondences and other important information to refer back to when performing ritual or casting spells.

This is a digital download of a collection of thirteen pages from Madame Pamita's personal grimoire. These reference guides and correspondence pages are like a peek into her magic spellbook with her personal recommendations on time-tested magic that works!

  • Pages Include:

    • Elements, Directions & Suits
    • Color Magic
    • Magical Days of the Week
    • Magical Times of Day
    • Phases of the Moon
    • Signs of the Zodiac
    • The Planets
    • The Sabbats
    • Numerology
    • The Witch’s Tools
    • Essential Magical Crystals
    • Essential Magical Herbs
    • Witches’ Runes
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