Collection: Beeswax Vigil Candles

These are the Beeswax Vigil Candles of a witch’s dreams! Finally there's a long-lasting, clean burning beeswax vigil candle in a coveted pull out style - made and sold exclusively at Parlour of Wonders!


There are so many advantages to this candle:

  • Cast your spells with nature’s cleanest and most magical wax: beeswax
  • Create your own magic from scratch with a candle in one of the ten magical colors that we offer.
  • Purchase a candle in a glass vigil holder, then save the glass and use a candle refill in the same holder – save money and the environment!
  • Carve the outer surface of the candle with a candle inscriber and embellish with favorite spiritual oils and glass glitter

You have two magical options.

  • Choose a beeswax candle in a plain glass vigil candle holder
  • Or select the blue beeswax refill candle that you can then use in one of our vigil candle glass holders (these fit our glass vigil candle holders – if you’re using a glass from another company, please measure the size to make sure the pull out refill candle will fit)

And if you're looking for the perfect oil to accompany your Beeswax Vigil Spell, then look no further than our line of Madame Pamita Spiritual Oils!

Beeswax candles are so good for you and your magic for so many reasons:

Low Toxicity

Paraffin is a petroleum by-product that contains artificial dyes, fragrances, and toxic chemicals. As they burn, paraffin candles release highly toxic benzene and toluene (both known carcinogens). In fact, these toxins are the same ones found in diesel fuel fumes and can be very harmful, especially if you burn a lot of candles in an enclosed space such as your home.


Beeswax candles are made from a natural substance that doesn’t contain any carcinogenic ingredients. You can enjoy burning beeswax candles without ever worrying about the effects they might have on you, your family, or your pets.


Neutralize Pollutants and Improve Mood

Burning beeswax candles produces negative ions which neutralize airborne pollutants, helping to remove the negative effects of breathing in dust, odors, and mold. This creates a cleaner living environment, and eases allergy and asthma symptoms for anybody nearby.


Negative ions can increase your levels of serotonin. Higher levels of serotonin relieve stress, lower symptoms of depression, and boost your energy.


Good for the Environment

Beeswax is a natural and renewable resource that requires no chemical processing and is biodegradable and compostable. Beeswax candles are also good for our animal friends. Buying beeswax supports beekeepers who in turn care for our friends the honeybees.


Paraffin candles are often made with stearic acid, which comes from animal fat. This toughens the wax and increase burning time. We make our candles from 100% beeswax and vegetable-based Prop 65 and REACH Compliant EVO dyes with no additional added chemicals.


Made with 100% fragrance-free beeswax
Burns Approximately 120 Hours
Lead-free cotton wick
Witchcrafted at the Parlour of Wonders in Los Angeles, CA 

Vigil Candle Spells Are Easy to Do

Check out this video on how to dress and bless vigil candles from the Madame Pamita Youtube Page: