Working with the Spirit of Black Hawk

Working with the Spirit of Black Hawk

Who Is Black Hawk?


Black Hawk (who was born Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak), was a famous Native American war leader from the Sauk tribe in the American Midwest. When Native Americans were being forced off their lands by white American settlers in the early 1800s, Black Hawk led several successful attacks to defend the lands of his tribe.


Black Hawk and Spiritualist Churches


There is a long history of Spiritualist churches working with Native American Spirits. The spirit of Black Hawk came to Mother Leafy Anderson in the 1920s as her spirit guide and has since contacted many other spiritualists to guide them. (By the way, check out the gorgeous spirit lights around Mother Leafy Anderson in the photo above.)


He is particularly attracted to helping those who are fighting social injustice, to protect those who have been oppressed by "the system," and those who have Native American ancestry.


How to Work with Black Hawk


If you would like to work with Black Hawk (or any spirit or deity, for that matter). I recommend that you first ask the spirit if you may work together. If the answer is a yes, you will be given some sort of sign. For those who ask to work with Black Hawk, I have heard many different possibilities of signs - seeing a hawk in the sky, seeing an image of or the word "Hawk," seeing Native American imagery and so on.


Spell to Work With His Spirit


If he agrees to work with you and you would like his aid and guidance, I recommend the following spell:


Choose a Black Hawk candle of a color that is aligned with your intention (red for love, green for prosperity, white for general blessings, blue for healing, yellow for success, orange for opportunities, purple for power, or brown for legal matters).


Inscribe your intention around the base of the candle. Be sure to word your petition in a gracious way that doesn't sound demanding, for example, "Black Hawk please aid me in protecting my loved ones" - that "please" is important. He will be more likely to help you if you approach him with the respect and reverence he deserves.


Dress the candle with an appropriate spiritual oil and place it on a dish or tray. As you dress the candle, respectfully ask the spirit to assist you in your worthy cause.


Leave an Offering for Him


Place five Indian Head Pennies and three whole fruits around the base of the candle. Small apples are an excellent choice. They are regional to the midwest and less likely to go bad while you do this spell.


Thank him in advance for his help. Sprinkle the candle with Tobacco to assist your connection to him before lighting for your intention.


Burn your candle for three nights, snuffing it out before you go to sleep.


After the candle has burned completely, retrieve the pennies and use them as talismans to keep the spirit of Black Hawk close to you.


Eat the fruit or offer the fruit back to the earth as compost.


Soften the remaining wax with a hairdryer. Mold it into a talisman for your altar or bury the wax in your backyard.


Look for signs that he is communicating with you and assisting you from the spirit realm.


Get a Black Hawk Spell Kit with full instructions on how to connect to this powerful spirit.

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