8 Ways That Your Spirit Guides Are Sending You Messages

8 Ways That Your Spirit Guides Are Sending You Messages

Spirit Guides Are Always Sending Us Messages


Everyone has a council of spirit guides watching over them to protect them, advise them and help them. Your guides are constantly sending you messages of love and healing but most people go through their entire life without ever receiving these messages.


You're getting these messages too and if you want to get those messages loud and clear, the best thing to do is to wake up and pay attention.


Here are a few of the ways your guides are sending messages to you.


Spirit Guides and Repeating Numbers


One of the most common ways that our spirit guides reach out to us is through sending us numbers. Digital clocks have really become such an amazing tool in this sense because they are all around us. If you are seeing repeating numbers on your digital clock like 11:11, 2:22, 5:55, 1:11 and so on, or you are seeing these repeating numbers elsewhere, such as on license plates, addresses and so on, it means that your spirit guides are trying to connect with you.


These repeating numbers are something like spirits knocking at our door. The first thing to do when you notice one of them is to reflect on what you were focusing on at the time that you saw it. Your guides have a message for you about that topic. Take a moment to reflect on what was on your mind at that moment and then just try to “listen” to what they have to say about it. If you don’t “hear” anything right away, don’t fret, your guides may just be knocking on your door to let you know that they are supporting you in whatever it was that you were thinking about.


When I say listen to what your guides have to say, I don’t mean you’re actually going to hear a voice. It’s more like hearing an internal voice. If I were to describe what this feels like is that it does FEEL like a little voice inside and at first glance, you may feel that you’re talking to yourself, but if you start to pay close attention, that other voice doesn’t feel like it’s coming exactly from you. Sometimes it will contradict what you’re thinking or feeling and, if you have been working with high vibration guides, it will always bring a positive message of hope and empowerment. So, for example, if you’re worried about your final exams and then you hear yourself say inside “It’s all going to be ok,” you can be sure that that is a message from your guides.


Spirit Guides and Songs, Symbols, Words


Another way that your spirit guides can send you messages is through seeing symbols or hearing songs or seeing words. Without even trying to contact ancestors many people may find that they get messages from their loved ones who have passed on. This can come in the form of seeing words or symbols that have a strong association with that loved one. For example, you might see your grandmother’s first name unexpectedly on a billboard or maybe she was really into red Corvettes and you see a red Corvette when you were thinking about her or you hear the song Little Red Corvette come on the radio. A symbol like this is usually something out of the ordinary that wakes you up and makes you pay attention.


But this doesn’t have to be a symbol or word from an ancestor. Maybe you are wanting to contact the Egyptian god Horus and you go to the coffee house and the barista has an Eye of Horus tattooed on her arm or the song Egyptian Lover comes up on the radio. When you reach out to your guides, open your eyes and ears to see if you’re getting words or symbols that support that connection.


Spirit Guides and Predetermined Symbols


Another way that you can connect to specific guides is through using a predetermined symbol. For example, you may decide that you would like to work with the spirit of the Native American war leader Black Hawk and you may ask him to show you that he is open to working with you by showing you a hawk. Spend the next seven days looking for a hawk symbol. It could be a live hawk in the sky, but it might be seeing someone wearing a Blackhawks team t-shirt or seeing a Studebaker Hawk driving down the street. The point is that you are asking for a specific symbol and then looking to see if you get an answer to that request. Don’t worry if you don’t get an answer to a specific request like that though. It’s not that a particular spirit is snubbing you, it may be that they are just not the best spirit for the job and that there is another spirit who wants to work with you and can be more effective.


Spirit Guides in Your Dreams


Another really powerful way that spirit guides can reach out to us is through our dreams. Before you go to sleep at night, say the intention or prayer that your highest vibration guides reach out to you and that you will remember their messages in the morning. When you wake up, try to remember what happened in your dreams, who visited you, what messages they had to tell you, any symbolic items in the dream and so on. If you’re having a hard time remembering your dreams, it can help to start writing down your dreams in a dream journal first thing when you wake up in the morning. Even if you don’t remember a lot at first, just write down anything you remember. As you start doing this, you will remember more and more of your dreams over time. When you write in your journal, take note of who contacted you, what they looked like and so on especially if they are someone unknown to you as that may give you guidance as to who these spirit guides are.


Spirit Guides and Visions


Another way that spirit guides can contact us is through visions - any of the senses can be activated. For example, you might see someone out of the corner of your eye and then, when you look, no one is there. Or you might see someone who resembles your loved one and for a minute you think it’s them. Or you might see shadows or lights. Or you might smell a perfume or a floral scent or the smell of your grandma’s peach pie, or feel a touch on your shoulder or a change in temperature in the room. Any of these visions can be a sign that your spirit guides are around you and reminding you that they are there to help.


Spirit Guides and Other People


Spirit guides can also reach out to you by sending people into your life. You may ask one of your spirit guides for assistance and that assistance may come through a human channel. For example, let’s say you wanted help starting a new business and you asked your guides for help. And then you meet an experienced business person who is happy to share some tricks and tips with you. Or maybe you are feeling intimidated by a situation and you strike up a conversation with someone at the grocery store and without knowing your issue they say "Feel the fear and do it anyway." These kinds of messages are coming from your guides through the humans around you.


Spirit Guides and Synchronicities


And related to that are another way that our guides can reach out to us - synchronicities. Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences, meaning that something seems to happen coincidentally but actually has a deeper significance. A lot of what we’ve mentioned up until this point can fall under that broader category of synchronicity: the person with the message for you, the symbol you see or that song that you hear and so on, all can be categorized as synchronicities. Synchronicities can also show up in ways that charm us or make us smile. Our spirit guides aren’t humorless twits, they love to surprise and delight us. Small things like thinking, “I wish I had a cupcake” and then finding a cupcake on your desk at work or big things like the perfect job opportunity opening up for you just when you’re most ready to make a change. These are the kind of sweet synchronistic surprises that your spirit guides will bring to you just because they love you.


So, open up your heart, your mind, your eyes and your ears to the messages that your guides want to send you. They are all around you all the time.


This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.


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