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10 Different Spirit Guides Who May Be Trying to Connect With You

Do You Want to Know Who Your Spirit Guides Are?


What is a spirit guide? Spirit guides are positive entities who do not have a physical form and who connect with us to protect, teach and enlighten us. Each of us has a group of spirit guides that surround us called our Guide Council. Do you want to know who is in your council of guides? With some simple reflection, you can determine who your guides are.


There Are a Lot of Different Types of Spirit Guides


Gods and goddesses are probably the spirit guides most people recognize. Whether it’s the Judeo-Christian God, the Christian Holy Spirit, the Egyptian goddess Hathor, the Norse god Odin, the Hindu goddess Lakshmi or the Orisha Yemoja, these deities are channels that people associate with divine energy. It’s natural that if they are who you connect with consciously, that you pray or put your thoughts or energies in their direction, that you are establishing a channel for them to reach out to you. When we reach out to them, we are more likely to hear back from them. Spirits that are “famous” like gods and goddesses are easier for us to think about because we know them through the many books, myths, and legends written about them. Do you have a god or goddess in your Guide Council? If you are reaching out to a deity on a regular basis or feel drawn to one, then the answer is yes.


Angels Can Also Be in Our Spirit Guide Council


Contact with angels has been documented for millennia and are another very well-known form that spirit guides can take. Angels can show up as personal guardian angels or archangels, such as Archangel Michael, Gabriel or Raphael. Muses are also angelic beings who can inspire us and give us messages of creativity. These divine messengers appear often in the Bible and Quran. Angelic contact is documented in even earlier literature such as Persian, Babylonian and Sumerian texts that were written before the Old Testament. Do you feel connected to angels or a specific angel in particular? Then they are definitely a part of your Guide Council.

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Working with the Ascended Masters as Spirit Guides


Another form that spirit guides can take are a group we call the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters are beings who were once in human form but have gone up or ascended to divine status. Prime examples of Ascended Masters can be saints, Jesus, Buddha, Old Testament biblical figures, heroes in Greek mythology who became gods, Indian mahatmas, and so on. Having once been alive, the Ascended Masters understand the human physical experience and so can teach us about the connection between the spiritual world and the material world. If you are wanting mastery in a certain area of your life and are looking for a teacher in the spirit realm, then an Ascended Master will probably make an appearance in your Guide Council.


Ancestors Can Also Be in Your Spirit Guide Council


Another category of spirit guides can be found directly in your family tree. Your personal ancestors, spirits of people who are related to you but who have passed on, will often show up in your Guide Council. These can be the spirits of people who knew you during your lifetime or the spirits of ancestors who died long before you were born. You don’t have to have known them or even know their names to reach out to them and connect to them as guides. Do you have special relatives that you know of or that you have heard were loving toward their family? Then you can count on them being in your Guide Council, watching over you and helping you from the spirit realm.


Other People Can Also Be Your Spirit Guides


Another type of spirit guide that can show up in your council can be real people who are not Ascended Masters and who are not related to you. These can be famous people, of course, but they can also be helpful spirits of everyday people who are suited to the type of work or message that you are asking to receive. Yes, you can reach out and connect to famous people who have passed but you can also pose questions and get answers from helpful spirits who are not well-known too.


Pets Can Also Be in Your Spirit Guide Council


Another type of spirit guide can be animals. These are most likely to be your beloved pets who have passed on, but, sometimes they show up as spirit animals. Pets who you had a close bond with when they were in physical form are the most likely ones to reach out to you. When you connect with them, you’ll be connecting to the spirit and personality of your beloved pet. It is also possible to connect to a single animal spirit that you didn’t know in life, but this is a little less common. Do you think you see or hear your pet in the room? That's their spirit watching over you.


Spirit Animals Are Another Form That Guides Can Take


Spirit animals are different than the particular spirit of one pet. Spirit animals are not any one particular animal, but the Mother spirit of the animal tribe. They generally reach out to us through the symbolic archetype of that species or multiple members of the same species. If a spirit animal is trying to connect with you, you will see that animal over and over again, either seeing the animal or images of the animal. With a spirit animal, you’re getting a connection with the essence of that animal species and not necessarily the personality of one particular animal.


Nature Spirits Can Also Reach Out to Us


In almost every culture, we find stories of nature spirits. They can be beings like fairies, sprites, gnomes, Scandinavian tomte, Native American weather spirits, Greek nymphs and dryads, the Celtic green man, the devas, djinn, tree spirits, rock spirits or anything connected to a natural element. Sometimes, these spirits take the forms of gods or goddesses, but usually, they have a more abstract energy rather than a human form. So, if you are drawn to nature and sense spirits when you are outdoors and in natural environments, it is probably the nature spirits reaching out to you.


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Mythological Beings in Your Spirit Guide Council


Dragons, mermaids, fauns, unicorns, phoenixes, and other mythological beings are archetypes that have definite spirit energy. If you connect deeply to one or more of these archetypes, then they are definitely in your Guide Council. They will reach out to you through imagery that you see repeatedly. If you're really connected to them, you may sense them around you and receive messages from them as well.


Light Beings Can Also Be Among Your Spirit Guides


Light beings are formless spirits and can be seen around you as balls of light, shimmers, glowing bubbles or may not be visible entities at all. These are the spirit guides that you can see in spirit photos or you may catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye. Sometimes, you may not see them at all. People sometimes call these guides “my higher self,” “my inner wisdom,” or “my intuition.” They are spirits who don’t take on any particular material form and are experienced in a more abstract way.


Who Is in Your Spirit Guide Council?


Unless you’re the rare exception, you’re probably not going to be attracted to all these forms of spirit guides. You’ll intuitively know which ones you are attracted to, which ones you connect with and which ones you don’t. Just honor that. It’s kind of like making friends; you’re not going to be friends with everyone, so just listen to the call inside and if you feel attracted to a certain type of spirit guide, then welcome the contact and connection from them.


This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.


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