What is Essential Oils Witchcraft and How Do I Do It?

What is Essential Oils Witchcraft and How Do I Do It?

What Is Essential Oils Witchcraft?


Many people want to do spells, but often they feel like they can’t. And I hear many justifications for this disempowered stance:


“I can’t do witchcraft because what if someone sees what I’m doing?”


“I don’t have the time to do a spell.”


“The equipment and tools that I need for a spell are out of my budget.”


“There are too many steps to a spell. It all seems too complicated.”


“I don’t have a witchcraft supplies shop or metaphysical store near me and I need to do something right now.”


When I hear reasons like these for not doing magic, I actually get excited, because it means that I can teach someone about essential oils witchcraft and empower them on their magical path.


Essential oils witchcraft is a term I use for spells where essential oils are the main (or only) magical ingredient of the spell. While we can use essential oils as ingredients in other contexts, for example in aromatherapy, perfume or as an added ingredient in another kind of spell, when we use essential oils as the primary magical tool, we are doing essential oils witchcraft.


What are Essential Oils?


You can find essential oils almost everywhere nowadays. Essential oils have moved from the health food store, into the mainstream, but what are they exactly?


Essential oils are oil compounds extracted from plants, capturing the plant’s scent and flavor, or what we like to call the essence of what makes up the plant. They are highly concentrated forms of the energy of the plant. It takes a lot of plant material to make essential oils and you can use that concentrated power to really give oomph to your magic.


How to Use Essential Oils Safely


Whenever we are working with an essential oil, we need to be mindful that it is concentrated. That means that if you are breathing it, or applying it to your skin, or using in a bath, you only need very small amounts to reap the benefits.


When you are applying essential oils to the skin, for example, they should never be used at full strength. Essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, or jojoba oil in at least a 20 to 1 ratio - that means 20 parts carrier oil to only 1 part essential oil.


As a rule, essential oils should never be taken internally. While there are some oils that may be safe if taken internally, it’s a good idea to avoid drinking any oil unless you are under the advice and care of a licensed practitioner experienced in using essential oils.


For inhalation or use with a diffuser, make sure that you are using the diffuser in a well-ventilated room and that you leave the diffuser on for 30-60 minutes on and 30-60 minutes off.


When in doubt about the safety of any particular oil, be sure to research any side effects it may have.


How Do I Use Essential Oils in Witchcraft?


The easiest way to use essential oils in witchcraft is to purchase a spiritual oil blend that contains real essential oils. These blends are already diluted with a carrier oil, so they do not need to be diluted, although if you want a subtler scent, you can dilute them further.


You can also research the magical uses of spiritual oils and make your own blend from scratch. A guidebook to magical herbs can be helpful in giving you a sense of which essential oils you’ll want to use in your witchcraft oil blend. You can also quickly and easily make a tool for your witchcraft spells by taking a single essential oil and diluting it without having to worry about making a blend. Check out our list of magical herbs to give you an idea on what essential oil might be good for your spell.


Essential oil blends can be used for witchcraft by applying them to your body, your environment, your tools (magical or otherwise), adding them to other liquids and so much more.


Anointing with Essential Oil Blends


Do some fast and easy essential oils witchcraft by applying an oil blend or diluted essential oil to your body. Put a few drops on your hands and apply it in an upward motion (from feet toward head) for something that you want to bring in or in a downward motion (from head toward feet) for something you want to clear out. Alternately, you can apply a dot of the essential oil blend to your chakras or to your heart, hands, genitals or whatever body part is most appropriate for the witchcraft that you are doing.


Witchcraft Bath With Essential Oil Blends


Drizzle 3-15 drops of your essential oil or your essential oil blend into your bath water (approx 25 gal.), speak an incantation over the water and use your bath as a place for manifesting your intention.


Inhale Your Essential Oils Witchcraft


Add 3-4 drops of an undiluted essential oil to a quart of hot water in a bowl or basin allow the scent to permeate your space like a smokeless incense.


Magical Massage With Essential Oils


20-40 drops of your essential oil may be added to 4 oz. of Sweet Almond, Jojoba or any other plain massage oil. Apply this oil to your skin or for hot and steamy love spell witchcraft, apply this oil to your beloved while silently envisioning your intention.


Essential Oils Witchcraft With a Room Spray


Add 20 drops of essential oil to 4 oz. of water in a spray bottle or atomizer. Shake to mix the contents and then spray your space.


Doing Witchcraft on Others With Essential Oils


To bring in the results you want from others, such as lovers, clients, bosses or family members, place a little of your essential oils blend on an item which they will touch or add some to a gift of some lotion or shampoo which they will use on their body.


Empowering Your Magic With Essential Oils


If you want to do a quick spell, then essential oils witchcraft can be done in seconds, but also think of these as building blocks that you can add to your other spells. Are you working on a big candle spell? Then add some extra power to it by spraying your room with an essential oil room spray. About to do some focused meditation for manifestation? Think about anointing yourself with some essential oil blends before you start.


Whether your magic is big or small adding some essential oils witchcraft to the mix can make your spell pop!


Ready to work with an essential oils blend? Check out Madame Pamita’s Spiritual Oils.


This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango and Medium.

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