How To Begin Casting Herb Magic Spells

How To Begin Casting Herb Magic Spells

Get Started Doing Herb Magic Spells


Herb magic is a beautiful form of magic that is easy to learn. Witchcraft can be quite overwhelming! Spells, charms, incantations… A lot of people want to start casting spells but they are not sure where or how to get started. The most earthy and magical ways of doing magic is through using the power of the natural world around us. And one of the easiest ways to tap into this magic is through the power of plants.


Understand the History of Herb Magic Spells


Before there was candle magic, before there were magical spell kits, before there were videos, podcasts and even books about magic, people handed down what they learned about working magically from teacher to student. Back in the old days, people didn’t see the sharp delineation between spells and medicine. If you were sick, they might treat you for both the physical symptoms and, if they believed that there was a spiritual cause of the illness, for that as well.





Herbalism and Magic


Back before there was a pharmacy or even a medical system, there were herbalists who used the power of plants to heal (or even to harm!). These herbalists understood the power of plants not only to create changes to the body when applied or taken internally but also the power of these plants to make changes spiritually. To the herbalists, there was no real difference between using willow bark to relieve pain and using rose petals to attract love.


Today, we might take a pill to effectively address our health issues. But natural herbs can still be quite useful when it comes to health and magic.


Is It Hard To Do Herb Magic Spells?


One of the things I hear from people just starting doing magic is, “Do I have to find or buy rare herbs to start doing herbal magic spells?” Actually, you don’t. I’m going to show you three ways to get started doing Herbal Magic that will not break your bank.


Get a Book on Herb Magic


The easiest place to start is to get a book on the magical uses of herbs. Some of the books I recommend are Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic, and Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic. These books will start you on your path to doing spellwork by giving you some brief guidelines on each of the principle herbs of magic.


For example, these spell books will tell you what kinds of spells the herbs are for and even some examples as to how they have worked for magicians in the past. They won’t give you step-by-step guidance. But if you are doing a spell for prosperity, for example, they will give you some suggestions on what herbs work in prosperity spells. And you can take it from there.


If you just want a simple guide (And want to add herbs to your candle spells in particular) get my book, The Book of Candle Magic. It has an appendix with lists of herbs based on their magical usage. For example, you’ll find a list of herbs used for attracting a new relationship and another list of herbs for building a commitment. Not wanting to study and memorize what herbs are for what magical purpose? This appendix can come in really handy alongside the more in-depth books I listed above.


Supermarket Herbal Magic



You can get some rare and magical herbs at magic shops like my online emporium, The Parlour of Wonders. But did you know you can also get perfectly good herbs for magic at your local store or farmer’s market? I call this kind of magic “Supermarket Magic” — finding amazing magical tools in everyday places.


Looking in the spice section of your market, you can find a lot of herbs that are great for magic. However, you can also find great herbal spell tools in the tea section (for example Chamomile tea can work for prosperity spells) or in the fresh produce department.


And, while it’s not an herb per se, don’t pass up the magic of salt! Are you in a fancy natural food store? You can also scope out the beauty and herbal supplement aisle for some plant magic. And don’t forget the essential oils section for some concentrated magical power!.


All Plants are Magic


One of the things that I always remind students is that all plants are magic. Not just the ones listed in books, but every single plant out there — from a blade of grass a giant Sequoia tree, from a piece of lichen to a kelp forest. It’s all magic. Herb magic is a breeze once you have this perspective.


Are all plants in magical books? Many of the most popular and common plants are. But in reality most herb magic books only scratch the surface on the over 300,000 plant species that there are in the world. Just because someone hasn’t written about it in a book, doesn’t mean it’s not magic. It’s just that its magic is waiting to be discovered and you are the perfect person to do that.


Make Friends With Some Magic Plants


So, how do you tap into that magic. First, spend some time with some plants. Go out for a walk in nature. Get into your yard and garden, grow a succulent from a cutting, plant some herbs in a pot on your windowsill. You can’t develop a friendship without spending time with someone, and the same is true with plants.


As you spend time growing these plants, first start by talking to them. This is the easiest herb magic you can do! Once you’ve gotten comfortable with that, then start listening to what they have to say to you. I don’t mean that the plants will start conversing back. But if you open your mind and your intuition, you may start getting messages from the plants. Once you have established that plant communication, you can start asking them what kind of spells they can help you with and take it from there.


Start Your Herbal Magic Spell Casting Now!


Whatever kind of magic you do, herbs are bound to be a part of it at some point. Don’t be afraid to get started on your path today. Go for a walk outside. Look at what you have in your backyard or on your windowsill and begin to do your herb magic today.


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