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6 Ways To Make Your Dreams Come True By Creating A Witch's 'Magic Spell Box'

Make Some Magic in Your Life Every Day

Magic is everywhere — if you know where to look — and you can use real spells of magic in your everyday life for happiness, love, relationships, and making your dreams come true.


Witches have long known that with simple witchcraft supplies, there are ways to create amazing magical moments in your life with real magic spells.


And even if you're trying your hand at witchcraft for the first time, then the best way to begin is to start with a magic spell box to gather all the good influences and energies you want to attract into your life.


If you are ready to change your situation in jaw-dropping ways, then here's how to create a magic spell box and use it to bring in powerful and positive manifestations:


Decide What to Use for Your Magic Spell Box


The main thing you will need for this spell is a box, of course. Find or make a beautiful box: An old jewelry box, a wooden box, a pretty tin, or even a cigar box that you can paint or decoupage would be perfect.


You could buy a box specifically for the purpose of turning it into a spell box, but if you are repurposing one, decorating it to make it special and attractive will connect you to the box in a deeper way.


It’s important that the box that you dedicate to this powerful work looks special and beautiful to you. If it's ugly, you will think about that every time you look at it, and you won't have faith in your magic.


Choose What to Put Into Your Magic Spell Box


Sit down and think of some of the biggest, brightest, and highest vibe things that you would like to bring into your life. They could be anything!


A few ideas might be finding your soulmate, getting promoted at work, or having the money to take a great vacation.


Gather some magazines and find photos and words that represent the things that you would like to manifest. You can also find these photos or words online and print them out.


For example, if you want to take a trip to Paris, you could find or type out the word “Paris” or get a photo of the Eiffel tower or a person having a glass of champagne at a Parisian sidewalk cafe. Find beautiful pictures and words that best represent things that you would like to bring in.


Create a Phrase to Bring Your Magic Spell Box Together


When you're ready to make your magic really happen, gather together your photos or words and the box and speak your intention for the box out loud. Your words should be your own heartfelt sentiment, but they could be something like:


"This box will work day and night to manifest my dreams and desires," or "Magic spell box, make my deepest desires a reality."


You can also speak your intentions in a rhyming couplet if you'd prefer, as well.


"Magic spell box, bring to me

All the things that here I see.

These photos and words will lead me to

The wishes that will all come true."


Whether you choose to chant in rhyme or speak from the heart, be sure to say some kind of opening words as to what you want the box to do.


Focus on Each Intention as You Put It in the Box


After speaking these introductory words, put the pieces of paper into the box one by one and say an intention of what you want each of them to do. Again, these are your heartfelt wishes, but they could be anything, like:


"I graduate with an MBA."

"I have an amazing new boyfriend."

"I happily receive a promotion and a raise."


There is a powerful quality to speaking these words as if they are something you already have in your life right now.


As you put each one in, speak the intention with power and conviction.


Seal Your Box With a Final Magic Spell


Once you have finished putting all your wishes into your spell box, close it up and say some final words to seal the spell such as:


"Thank you magic spell box for making my wishes come true," or "I can’t wait to see all these good things manifest in my life."


What do you do with the box after you've closed it?


Once you've added the photos and words, put your magic spell box someplace that’s special but out of the way. The back of a closet, a bottom drawer, or on top of a bookshelf are the perfect kinds of spots.


The point is to set the spell in motion and then let it do its thing. Think of it like putting a cake in the oven and letting it bake.


Adding new wishes anytime is fine, but don't be a helicopter parent to your dreams.


If you want to add some more intentions to your spell box, because maybe you decide that you want a trip to Paris and a trip to Indonesia, then of course, you can add a trip to Indonesia to the box. Just be sure to say your magic words as you do.


Adding wishes to the box at any time is fine. However, leave the wishes that are already in it alone.


Opening up the box every day and looking through the slips of paper and saying, “Well, I haven’t gotten that yet!” will do nothing except slow your magical roll.


Make Your Magic Spell Box an Annual Ritual


Leave the box in its special spot and then, a year after you made it, go through the slips of paper and look at all the amazing things that you manifested in that time period.


You could decide to make this an annual ritual, pulling out the photos and words of the things that you've manifested and adding new wishes to the box. Scheduling this work on a day that's special, such as your birthday, New Year's, or a holiday will give it even more power.


Get started with this practice when you feel ready to bring in real happiness and change in your life with a little magic. I know you'll discover that you're an even better manifester than you thought when you see all that you can create with some intention, trust, and time.


This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.


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