Making a Magic Love Mirror

Making a Magic Love Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All? You Are, of Course!


There are many spells for mirror magic - everything from reversing spells to Chinese Ba Gua mirrors to mirror gazing to see one's future spouse - but my favorite mirror spell has to be the Magic Love Mirror spell. This spell is a fantastic one for creating the foundation for inviting love into our lives. It doesn’t matter if you have a relationship and would like to strengthen it or are looking for a new relationship or are not interested in a relationship at all, this spell will create a beautiful foundation of self-love which is the beginning of all healthy relationships.


Use a Mirror to Magnify Intention


All mirror spells use the power of the mirror to reflect and bounce back and magnify an intention. When we use a prepared mirror to reflect love back at ourselves, we are amplifying our ability to receive the love we desire - if you feel worthy, you will be treated well by others.


How to Make a Magic Mirror


First, get a portable mirror of some kind; it can be anything from a hand mirror to a framed mirror, but it should be large enough so that you can see your whole face but not so large that it is difficult to move.


On a night with a waxing moon (after the dark moon but before the full moon), bring your mirror outside and position it so that you see the reflection of the moon in the mirror.


Anoint your mirror with Self Love oil. Place one spot of oil in each of the four corners and one in the center, in a 5-spot pattern like the 5 on a die.


Let the mirror stay out overnight to absorb the magical moonbeams.


Locking in Your Magic Mirror


The next day, go out to get your mirror before dawn and cover it with a red or pink cloth. This piece should be something attractive to you and respectful of the magical tool that you are creating, in other words, don't cover it with an old rag.


Repeat this process for three total nights and mornings - so your mirror soaks up the magic of the waxing moon over three consecutive moonlit nights.


On the fourth night, after the sun goes down, instead of taking your mirror outside, unwrap it in a private place inside your home to do your spellwork.


Self Love Ritual


Anoint yourself with a few drops of your love oil, applying from your feet toward your head, and then hold the mirror before you and look into your own eyes. Instead of looking with a critical mind (“Is that a pimple?” “Look at those wrinkles.”) look at yourself with eyes of love. After a few moments, and while still looking into your own eyes, say “I love you!” to you reflection.


Repeat "I love you" about 10-20 times and then wrap the mirror up and put it away.


The next night, take out the mirror and repeat.


Do this every day for 28 days (a full lunar cycle) and you will see a dramatic turn around for the good in all your relationships, including the most important one of all - the relationship you have with yourself.



This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango.

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