Red Hot Love Spell

Red Hot Love Spell

By Madame Pamita

I remember as a kid eating heart-shaped “Red Hots” (otherwise known as Cinnamon Imperials) and the thrill that my tastebuds felt...the sweetness of the hearts making the scorching of the cinnamon worth it. Well, we all know that a hot love can make our heart feel the same kind of sweet and spicy longing, so if you don’t have it in your life now, isn’t time you went out and got it?This candle spell is meant for humdrum partners who want to turn up the heat, or singles who want to invite a really sizzling romance into their lives. No wimpy lukewarm lovers need apply!

  • Get a red heart shaped candle (I make these big beautiful beeswax ones, and I am in love them because they look almost like a giant Red Hot).

  • Take a nail or knife and scratch your lovers initials and yours on the top of the candle, or if you are inviting a new love, scratch "True Love" on the top of the candle.

  • Place a photo beneath the candle of you and your target or just you if your target is not known to you yet.

  • Apply an appropriate dressing oil (such as True Love oil) in an upward motion to the candle.

  • Then sprinkle the top with a pinch of Red Clover (for true love), a pinch of Patchouli (for sensuality) and a pinch of Cinnamon (to turn up the heat).

  • Light your candle on a Friday and burn a little bit over seven consecutive days, snuffing it when you go to sleep or leave the house.

  • When your candle is finished, wrap the leftover wax up in a piece of cotton cloth and place the packet under your bed or between your mattress and box spring to turn up the heat between the sheets!

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