Baba Yaga's Enchantment

The First Annual Slavic Magic Festival

Madame Pamita & Twisted Heart Puppetworks Present

Baba Yaga's Enchantment

Come for an immersive experience in Slavic Magic and Lore.

Meet with the legendary crone through performance, music, culture, and dance.

  • Live Music by Alina Pash
  • Debut of Shadow Puppet Story: Baba Yaga & the Wolf King
  • Book Signing of Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft
  • Motanka Making
  • Tarot Readings
  • Baba's Art Gallery
  • ...and more magical experiences!

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Twisted Heart Puppetworks Presents the Premiere of

Baba Yaga & The Wolf King

"Baba Yaga and The Wolf King" is an experimental, short form, shadow play created by Tania Yager of Twisted Heart Puppetworks. Set in the mystical Cherkasy Forest, the story unfolds as the powerful Slavic witch Baba Yaga confronts the ambitious Wolf King, Vladimir Black Tale, and his wolf army who seek to invade and conquer her territory. Through the artistry of shadow magic and traditional puppetry, Twisted Heart Puppetworks vividly portrays Baba Yaga's sly and formidable presence and the perilous consequences of crossing paths with this famous Witch in the Wood! 

Twisted Heart Puppetworks (THPW) is a small theatrical puppetry troupe in Vista California founded by Tania Yager in 2014.

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Exclusive Performance by

Alina Pash

Award-winning Ukrainian artist Alina Pash brings her talents as a singer, rapper, and songwriter, infused with mysticism and magic, to her performances. A 100% Bitanga (Ruthenian dialect for 'hooligan'), Alina breaks old stereotypes with her authentic style—a mix of electronic music, hip hop, pop, and ethnic folk. Born in a small Ukrainian village and raised on archaic Carpathian traditions, she embodies an independent spirit deeply rooted in her motherland.
Now based in LA, Alina explores her unique vision, beats, and vibrations on an international scale. Her tribal, mystic, hip-hop, and electronic style has met acclaim all over Europe. Be among the first in the States to experience her mesmerizing performance.

Madame Pamita Signing Copies of

Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft

Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft: Slavic Magic from the Witch of the Woods by Madame Pamita will be available! Get your signed personalized copy directly from Madame Pamita.

Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft is an exciting book of ancient Slavic magical practices. In this book, you'll sit at Baba Yaga's side and listen to her stories about the birth of the sun, the land of the blessed ones, and the spirits that live right beside us. More importantly, you'll learn the secrets of her magic―crafts, talismans, inscriptions, incantations, and rituals that will allow you to discover your own Baba Yaga within.


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