Collection: Spiritual Soaps

Spiritual soaps give you easy access to the power of cleansing spells. They contain tried and true magical ingredients to help you in any area of your life where things are not going as planned. Spiritual soaps are different from other types of soap in that they are based on ritual and intention. The ingredients support magical cleansing and spiritual empowerment. From cleansing spells to healing, they can be used for all sorts of purposes.

What is a Spiritual Soap?

A spiritual soap is a blessed soap with special herbal ingredients to help you cleanse yourself and the energy of your home. A good spiritual soap will include herbs, oils and natural ingredients that help you expel anything attached to you that is not positive, magical, loving, or helpful. The Parlour of Wonders offers a wide variety of spiritual soaps to fit almost every need. These soaps can be part of an elaborate magic ritual but can also provide a quick magical clean up when you're doing your everyday cleansing. Some spiritual soaps are for protection, others for turning bad luck to good, and still others for attracting love or increasing prosperity. They make spiritual cleansing as easy as your daily shower or bath, or as simple as hand washing.

How Do They Work?

We make Parlour of Wonders products with the highest quality ingredients and have herbs and/or essential oils that are known for their magical properties. These herbs are your spiritual allies. They assis you in your intentions even when you can keep a laser sharp focus on your magical goals. Cleansing away unwanted energy is a big part of what they do. When the process of cleansing is done correctly, it will free you of your old energy, thoughts, blocks, and negative emotions.

They free you from negativity, give you a whole new perspective on your life and allow you to look at things from a new perspective. They will help you to see things from a more spiritual point of view. The cleansing soaps that we offer at the Parlour of Wonders are different. They help you access your energy and channel that energy to help you in your everyday life. As you cleanse your spirit, you also cleanse the energy within you and send it out into the world. A small mindful ritual such as washing your hands or face with a spiritual soap can totally transform your energy.

Different Types of Spiritual Soaps

For beginning spell casters who would like to start out using a simple and effective magical tool or experienced magicians who simply try something new, magical bath products are ideal. There are several different types of spiritual soaps that you can purchase to help you with all sorts of problems. This includes: Spiritual soaps for love, for prosperity, for uncrossing, for changing bad luck to good, for attraction and empowerment. Each has its own unique formulation and benefits. You can mix and match soaps throughout your house to bring in a variety of intentions.

Benefits of Spiritual Soap

The amazing powers of spiritual soaps are many. They will both clean you up and also give a boost to your energy and outlook. Sometimes when you are feeling frustrated in a difficult situation, it can be hard to feel confident in your magic. Use the power of spiritual soap in these situations. It can help take away a lot of your worries and uncertainty, leaving you feeling powerful and confident.