8 Candle Spells For Connecting with Your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors

8 Candle Spells For Connecting with Your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ancestors

Candle Spells Are The Perfect Way To Connect With Your Spirit Guides


Your spirit guides are eager to work with you! The same goes for your ancestors, deceased loved ones, and guardian angels: they're all guides who are just waiting for you to pick up the phone and ask for their help. They can be your most-trusted ally and best friend. Like any good friend, though, you need to let them know when you're in need of their help. A candle spell is a beautiful way to send the message to your guides that you're ready to work with them.


Here are eight spells designed to help you connect with your guides! Each spell contains Madame Pamita's Spirit Guide Oil, which is one of my very favorite products here at Parlour of Wonders. Each of these spells also includes a Candle Spell Booster Pack, making them very customizable. If you want to tweak any of these spells just swap out the booster pack for a different one! Not sure about doing a spell yourself? I'm happy to do any of these spells for you as a Complex Candle Spell Service! Ready to send some signals out to your guides? Let's go!


Ancestor beeswax candle


1. Honor a Deceased Loved One With a Blue Ancestor Spirit Candle


What You'll Need: A Blue Ancestor Spirit Candle, Spirit Guide Oil, A Healing Candle Spell Booster Pack, Balm of Gilead Buds, and Life Everlasting Flower


Instructions: There's nothing more painful than the death of a loved one, which is why this spell is designed to both honor their spirit and also help you and other loved ones heal. First write your intention on your petition paper, or you could just write your loved one's name on this paper and then place it under your spell's tray. Next dress your Ancestor Spirit Candle with Spirit Guide oil in an upward motion to invite in your guides to help your loved one transition from their Earthly state into the nonphysical. Sprinkle the glass glitter from your booster pack on once you've applied a generous amount of oil.


Next, dress your taper candles with the Holy Healing oil from your Booster Pack, also in an upward motion to bring in healing. Attach them to your plate or dish in a square around your figural candle, heating the bottoms of the tapers with a match or lighter briefly until you're able to press them down to the plate and have them stand on their own.


Place a Balm of Gilead Bud by each of your candles, asking each one to assist in your healing as you do so. You can ask direct requests of them like "Help ease my grief" or "Please heal my heart." Next, sprinkle Life Everlasting Flower in a circle around your figural candle. This herb is used in healing work and for connecting with the spirit realm, making it perfect for this spell. Sprinkle the herb packets from your Booster Pack around the Life Everlasting, expanding the circle around your figural candle.


Place your Agatized Coral gemstone on or near your spell and then light the candles. When the spell completes keep the gemstone on your altar or in your pocket to keep the healing energy of this spell with you.


Timing: Do this spell on a Monday or any day at Sunset. (Want to know more about spell timing? Check out Chapter 5 of The Book of Candle Magic by Madame Pamita!)



2. Burn a White Angel Candle to Request a Miracle From Your Angels

What You'll Need: Angel Candle Spell Kit in White, a Miracles Candle Spell Booster Pack, and a Miracle Pocket Mojo Bag


Instructions: Our guides and angels are the perfect place to turn when you're looking for a miracle. This beautiful spell can be applied just about any situation where you want some divine assistance. You'll have 7 support candles for this spell, which means you can request assistance in 7 different areas or focus all of them in one direction for a powerful miracle. You'll get a bottle of Spirit Guide oil with the Angel kit and a bottle of Bountiful Blessings oil with the Booster Pack.


Assemble this spell using the instructions that are included with both kits. Then place your Miracle Pocket Mojo Bag near the spell to charge as your candles burn. One the spell completes carry the Mojo Bag with you in a safe but hidden place. Feed the bag each Sunday with a drop of either oil or by passing it through the smoke of any incense to keep working with your Guardian Angels! Learn more about working with Mojo Bags here.


You may want to keep the remains of this spell in your home until your miracle has materialized.


Timing: Light your candle on a Sunday or on any day during the planetary hour of The Sun.


A purple house candle to welcome spirit guides into your home

3. Use a Purple House Candle to Attract Your Guides To Your Home


What You'll Need: A Purple Happy House Candle, Spirit Guide Oil, An Attraction Candle Spell Booster Pack, An Offering Bowl, Dandelion Root, Frankincense Tears and Blessed Thistle


Instructions: There's a powerful portal for reaching your ancestors and spirit guides: Your front door. Your home can be shared with your ancestors and guides, and doing so will bring in powerful protection to your house, family, and pets! It will also help to intensify the results of your magical workings.


When inviting spirits into your home make sure that you're leaving offerings for them on a regular basis. You could sit an offering bowl on your altar and place offerings in it. Some suggested offerings include a small amount of food, water, or even incense! Find out even more about offerings by checking out Episode 48 of the Magic and the Law of Attraction Podcast!


When setting up your spell first write your intention on the petition paper. This could be something like "I invite guides of the highest vibration into my home." Fold the paper toward you to invite your guides in and sit it under the dish or tray you plan to burn your spell on. Dress your house candle with Spirit Guide oil in an upward motion while repeating your intention out loud. Sprinkle the candle with glass glitter from your booster pack and then apply the Magnetic Attraction oil to your taper candles in an upward motion as well. Sprinkle your Dandelion Root, Frankincense Tears, Blessed Thistle and herb packs from your booster pack around the candles in a design that feels intuitive to you.


Want to learn about Slavic House Spirits? Check out Chapter 3 of Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft or Episode 2 of Baba Yaga's Magic Podcast.


Timing: Light this spell on a Monday or any day during the planetary hour of The Moon.


A Yellow Lips Candle to get your Spirit Guides talking

4. Use a Yellow Lips Candle to Get Your Spirit Guides Talking


What You'll Need: A Yellow Talk to Me Lips Candle, Spirit Guide Oil, A Tranquility Candle Spell Booster Pack, A Talk to Me Incense Spell Kit and Talk to Me Bath Crystals


Instructions: Have you tried doing a Talk to Me Spell directed at your guides? It's a wonderful and highly effective way to get them talking to you in ways that you can understand. First write out your intention on your petition paper, a good way to word it would be "My spirit guides are always talking to me in ways that are clear and understandable." Fold it toward you to bring good communication in and place it under your tray or dish. Apply your Spirit Guide oil to the Lips Candle in an upward motion and then sprinkle with glass glitter from your booster pack and then sit it in the center of the tray.


I've paired this candle with a Tranquility Booster Pack because messages from our guides are best heard when we're able to clear our mind and quiet our thinking. Through meditation you can get extremely clear guidance from your team of spirits! Here's a free spirit guide meditation by Madame Pamita that you can listen to as this spell burns. Assemble the support candles and herbs according to the directions that come with the Booster Pack.


The bath is a great place to quiet your thinking, and also a wonderful portal to the spiritual realm -- especially if you're a water sign! Draw a bath and add in a handful of Talk to Me Bath Crystals, a few drops of Spirit Guide oil, and the Kambaba Jasper gemstone from the booster pack. If possible bring your candle spell and incense spell kit with you and light let them burn as you bathe! Feel the energy of the spell moving into your body. You'll have all of the elements present: Water (in the tub), Fire (from the candles), Air (the incense), Earth (the gemstone), and Spirit (your guides). If you can't bring the incense and candles into the bathroom while you bathe then burn them on your altar prior to your spiritual bath. Intensify this spell by burning the candles over 3 or 7 nights while taking a spiritual bath each time. Learn more about spiritual baths here.


Timing: Start this spell on a Wednesday or on any day during the planetary hour of Mercury.


Beeswax Human Figural Candle


5. Use A Human Candle in Pink to Soothe Ancestral Trauma


What You'll Need: A Pink Human Figural Candle, Spirit Guide Oil, An Uncrossing Potion Spell Kit, and An Uncrossing Candle Spell Booster Pack


Instructions: The Human Figural Candle is one of my favorites, and there are so many types of spells that you can use it for. In this spell the Human Candle will represent both you and your ancestors who came before you. The color pink is great for this spell for so many reasons. It can represent emotional healing, a connection to the heart, family, unconditional love, and physical tranquility. That's right, pink is not just for love spells! Learn more about in-depth color magic meanings in Chapter 2 of The Book of Candle Magic!


Brew up your potion spell kit and drink it as you assemble your spell. With each sip you take visualize the liquid purifying your body and pushing away anything that no longer serves you. Make a list of what no longer serves you and write it out on your petition paper. You can be as simple or as detailed as you'd like, do what feels best for releasing the trauma. Fold the paper away from you and place it under the dish or tray where you will be burning your spell.


Dress your human candle in Spirit Guide oil in an upward motion to call in the assistance of your guides. Sprinkle it with the silver glass glitter from your booster pack to multiply the strength your wishes and to send any negativity back to its source. Assemble the rest of the booster pack according to the instructions, and keep the Blue Tigers Eye with you after the spell completes for continued protection and healing.


Timing: Do this spell any time during the Waning Moon period. For optimal results start it on the night of the Full Moon and burn it over several nights as the moon decreases in size allow your ancestral trauma to do the same. Drink your Uncrossing Potion each time you light the candles.


Financial help from your spirit guides with a green Aladdin's Lamp candle

6. Get Financial Help From Your Spirit Guides with a Green Aladdin’s Lamp Candle


What You'll Need: A Green Aladdin's Lamp Candle, Spirit Guide Oil, A Money For Me Spell Kit, A Generosity Candle Spell Booster Pack


Instructions: A money spell may not be the first thing you think of when thinking about your spirit guides, and that may be why your money magic isn't working as well as it could be! Your guides want the absolute best for you, which means they never want you to have to go without. 


Carve an exact dollar amount that you wish to manifest into the base of the candle and write it on your petition paper. Fold the petition paper toward you and place it under your plate or tray. If you don't know of the exact amount you need estimate and amount but add a little extra for unforeseen expenses. Apply Spirit Guide oil in an upward motion while saying "I call in my guides to help me get this money." Sprinkle the green glass glitter onto your figural candle in an upward motion starting at the base. Apply money magnet to your support candles and place them in a square around your figural candle.


Take a small amount of each of the herbs from the Money For Me spell Kit and place them on your tray in a triangle around your figural candle. You'll use the remaining herbs for 3 spiritual baths as directed in the Money for Me Spell Kit instructions! Use the full contents of your herb packets from the Booster Pack to connect the three herbs you placed in a triangle.


If possible light this spell in the bathroom while doing the three nights of spiritual baths. If that's not possible light this candle after each bath. Keep the Green Tree Agate with you or on your altar after the spell completes. Keep the petition paper in your wallet as an energetic representation of the money that is on the way to you.


Timing: Light this spell over three days starting on Friday.


Beeswax Fox Candle

7. Use an Orange Fox Candle for Quick Assistance From Your Guides


What You'll Need: An Orange Fox Candle, Spirit Guide Oil, and A Fast Results Candle Spell Booster Pack


Instructions: Sometimes we need help and we need it fast. Luckily your spirit guides are ready to spring into action at a moment's notice. This spell will let them know that swift results are required! A Fox Candle is great for getting out of any tricky situation and doing so quickly. Orange opens up the roads to solutions, but you could also use a different color Fox depending on your needs (like Green for fast money, Purple for quick mastery, or Black for fast protection). No matter which color fox you go with you're sure to get great results from this clever animal spirit.


Write out your petition and fold it toward you to bring in the results you need. Place it under the tray or dish you're working with and then apply a liberal amount of Spirit Guide oil to your Fox Candle. Do so in an upward motion to invite your guides into this situation. Sprinkle your red glitter onto your Fox starting at the tail and working your way up. Apply the Instant Gratification oil from the booster pack to the support candles. Line them up in a straight line in front of your Fox candle to light the path to fast results! Use the herb packets to draw arrows pointing in the same direction as your support candles. You can light all of the candles at once or burn the Fox Candle over four days and burn one support taper each day. If working this way start with the support candle that is furtherest from the Fox first and then get closer each day.


Timing: Light this spell as soon as you need it, time is of the essence after all!


Channel your spirt guides' wisdom with a wise owl candle


8. Access Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides Using A Wise Owl Candle


What You'll Need: A Purple Wise Owl Candle, Spirit Guide Oil, An Empowerment Candle Spell Booster Pack, and An Athena Owl Tetradrachm Gold Coin Talisman


Instructions: Your spirit guides have an unlimited well of knowledge and wisdom. Tap into it! They love sharing their wisdom with those who wish to learn it. Owls have long been associated with wisdom and are tied to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Purple is the color of mastery, which will allow you to understand and make the most out of the wisdom that your guides choose to share with you.

If there is a specific type of wisdom you’re seeking from your guides you can write it on your petition paper, or just write “I receive and share wisdom from my guides” on the paper and then fold it toward you to bring that knowledge in. Sit the paper under the dish you will be burning your candle on. Apply a generous amount of Spirit Guide oil to your Owl Candle in an upward motion while speaking your intention out loud. Next add your purple glass glitter from base to tip and place the owl in the center of your dish or tray.


Apply your Absolute Power oil to the support candles and place them in a square around your owl. Place your herbs in 4 straight lines of the same size extending from your owl candle. Point them North, South, East and West to bring in knowledge and wisdom from all directions. Place your Tetradrachm Gold Coin Talisman on or near the plate as the spell burns, and then keep the coin after the spell completes. You can hold the coin while meditating or working with your guides in the future, or keep it on your person while taking tests or exams. The same can be done with the gemstone that comes with the booster pack, or you can leave it sitting on your altar to keep knowledge flowing in.


Timing: Light this spell on a Saturday or any day during the hour of Saturn.


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