Where Do Tarot Cards Get Their Power?

Where Do Tarot Cards Get Their Power?

People who are new to working with tarot cards often ask the question, “Where do tarot cards get their power?” meaning, how do tarot cards help people receive spiritual insights? It’s a great question because knowing how tarot cards work can give you some understanding on what to expect from a tarot reading or help develop and deepen your own tarot practice.


How Do Tarot Cards Really Work?


In my practice, tarot cards offer a “road map” that helps you to navigate your life by showing you where you have been, where you are now, and what’s up ahead. Like a road map, they offer you options, showing you what opportunities you can tap into and what things you might need to avoid.


In that sense, they are almost more like Google Maps or Waze, showing you how to navigate your life in the best and most positive way.


Can Tarot Tell the future?


Tarot cards don’t tell the future by themselves, but in the hands of a gifted reader, they can help open up doors to let them see the possibilities for your future. In many ways, seeing the future is like reading that Waze map. You always have free will to make any choice along the route, but the app can tell you if there is a traffic jam ahead or if your drive will be smooth sailing.


Will My Tarot Card Reading Come True?


That depends on several things. First, what is the skill-level of the person doing the reading? If you are getting a reading from someone who is just learning how to access their intuition, you may have to take what they say with a grain of salt or be open-minded as to the outcome.


Second, are you taking the action necessary to receive the outcome? If you see a new job in your reading, for example, but then don’t apply for any new jobs, it is unlikely to come true.


Third, are you actively thwarting your outcome? For example, if your reading shows a reconciliation with someone, but you are still picking fights or holding a grudge, that may influence the outcome.


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Should I Trust Tarot Cards?


Tarot cards are not magical in themselves, they are a tool to unlock deep spiritual wisdom and gain guidance on life issues. The tool itself is a beautiful one, but like all tools they require a skilled practitioner to open up their best.


Think of it like this — the most expensive paintbrush in the world won’t make someone a master artist, but a master artist can create exquisite art when given the finest tools. The tarot in the hands of a gifted reader that you connect with can be an amazing tool for insight and working with the tarot can also open up your own hidden intuitive gifts.


Can Tarot Apps and Online Computer Tarot Readings Be Accurate?


I think that playing with tarot apps is very fun, but understand the computer is just spitting out a programmed meaning of the card. Yes, there can sometimes be amazing synchronicities in these random readings, but computers don’t have intuition and aren’t able to access the spirit realm to give truly guided information.


If you want to fool around with an app for a fun reading or choosing a card of the day, it’s no problem, but if you have a serious question, then there is no substitute for getting an objective reading from a trusted tarot reader.


What Religion Do Tarot Cards Come From?


People sometimes wonder if tarot cards are associated with Wicca or some other religion. Tarot cards are not associated with any religion, though you might see different styles of decks that have various religious imagery.


  • The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot includes some symbols that come from Christian and Jewish mystic schools.
  • Decks like the Tarot of the Old Path have images that are Pagan or Druid.
  • The Buddha Tarot tells the story of Siddhartha.


      Whether you are following an Egyptian spiritual path or connect with angels and saints, you’ll find a deck that provides images that are familiar and in alignment with your beliefs.


      Are All Tarot Cards Religious?


      There are plenty of tarot decks that have no religious imagery at all. In fact, most modern tarot decks do not include religious symbols. You can find decks that have themes that align with your hobbies and interests.


      There are tarot decks designed around famous artists, pets, manga, sex, TV, movies, food, the supernatural… whatever your interests are, there is probably a tarot deck that features images that will speak to you.

      Why Can’t You Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?


      There is a belief that you can’t buy your own tarot deck, that a deck must be passed on to you from someone else. The vast majority of tarot readers will tell you that this is simply a myth. In fact, the opposite is true. If you want to learn to read tarot cards, then it’s best that you choose your own deck. Your tarot cards are going to become your friends and you should pick your friends, not let someone pick for you.


      Choose a deck that you feel connected to either because it relates to a topic that you’re interested in or because you are attracted to the images on the cards. If you are a serious student of the tarot and want to learn to read the cards, I recommend getting a book like Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot and a Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. Most modern decks are based on the Rider-Waite-Smith, so if you learn from this deck, you will be able to read almost any other deck.


      Should I Believe in a Tarot Reading?


      A real tarot reading approached with an open mind, a sense of wonder and curiosity, and a willingness to be open to the guidance given can be a completely enlightening experience. On the other hand, if you approach the reading with an agenda of only wanting to hear a particular answer, you may or may not be satisfied with the message that you receive.


      When doing a reading or getting a reading, try to be open to the high level information that you receive. Take time afterwards to process that information. Think about the key ideas of what was transmitted to you and how you can integrate that with the question at hand. The more open you are about the messages that you receive, the more that they can work their magic in your life.


      This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango and Medium.

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