Pinning Down Your Magical Spells

Pinning Down Your Magical Spells

In this modern day and age there is nothing like shutting down the computer, turning off the phones and getting into some old time traditional magic. One category of spells I’ve always loved is spells involving pins. No, I don't mean Pinterest "pins" (Although those are also cool, and you should definitely check out my own Pinterest page for all its magical weirdness). I mean straight pins!


Straight pins aren’t something that you see in every household nowadays, but back when everyone sewed and repaired their own clothes, they were as everyday as a loaf of bread.


Witchcraft Spells With Straight Pins


Spells with straight pins are more common than you might think. Of course, we have all seen the spells in the movies with people poking straight pins into a “voodoo doll.” However, you might not be aware that Zora Neale Hurston mentions several spells involving pins in her book Mules and Men, including a spell using pins in a beef tongue to win a court case.


And equally as interesting, in 2014, archaeologists in the UK discovered a “witch bottle” dated from 1680 that contained urine, hair and fingernail clippings, and eight brass straight pins.


Using Pins as Markers in Candle Spells


But despite all these seemingly intense uses of pins in magic, there are ways to use them that are definitely more benign. My favorite is to use them as markers to turn plain tapers into seven-day candles.


Long before there were seven knob candles, people wanted to mark off a candle in some way so that they could burn it over a specific number of days. Some ingenious magical worker concluded that putting a pin in the candle and waiting till it dropped in the dish below was the perfect way to mark a candle so you could visually see when a certain portion had burned.


I show you how to do this old-time way of working in this Candle Magic Class Powerful Prosperity spell video below.



I hope you enjoy doing this magical old-timey spell to bring powerful prosperity magic into your life!


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This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.

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