Doing Snow Magic to Make Your Winter Wishes Come True

Doing Snow Magic to Make Your Winter Wishes Come True

Winter Magic


Wintertime is a beautiful time to enjoy the magic of snow and with all the snow that is dumping down on the Northern Hemisphere right now, I thought it was the perfect time to share a snow magic spell with you.


Those of you who are lucky enough to live in areas that receive snow, especially those of you who live out in the countryside, you know what I mean when I say that snow is truly magical. Watching the drifting flakes fall down and settle in a blanket of peace all around is something that we only experience in the snowy winter.


Wintertime is the perfect time for doing magic and snow is a beautiful medium for doing wishes and spells. Winter is a time for reflecting and going inward, and this snow spell is lovely way for us to be mindful that not all spellwork is about instant results, but that there is great power in setting long-term intentions in winter and seeing them manifest in the spring.


Manifesting Your Wishes With a Snow Magic Spell


When you are in the countryside, find a secret place off the beaten path that has a fresh clean patch of snow at least a meter square.


Find a stick and in this patch of snow and inscribe the words or a symbol representing a wish that you would like to manifest as the snow melts. As you create this inscription, speak your wish aloud to the snow. For example, if you wanted a new lover, you could draw the symbol of two interlocked hearts or write the words “New Love” and say, “I wish for a new love in my life.”


Leave the patch of snow alone with the intention that when the snow melts, you will see the manifestation of your desire. You don’t need to check in on your spell, but if you can visit it occasionally, you can do a “snow reading” to see what to expect in your spell work.


Doing a Snow Spell Reading


If an animal leaves footprints across your inscription, then you need to do some “footwork” to see your spell come to fruition.


Leaves, sticks or vegetation blown across your spell mean there’s some cleaning up work that needs to be done before your wish comes true.


If your inscription melts to an icy crust but doesn’t melt through, a breakthrough is ahead.


Should the snow melt and the ground shows through, your manifestation will come very soon.


If your inscription gets covered in a new layer of snow, your wish needs time to “marinate” a little and will come true in the spring.


Use Snow Magic to Make Your Wishes Come True


The wintertime is such a beautiful time to do spellwork. Use the magic of snow and the rhythm of freezing and thawing to make your magical wishes come true.


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This article is by Madame Pamita and has also published on YourTango and Medium.

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