3 Traveling Spells for Vacation Magic

3 Traveling Spells for Vacation Magic

Do These Travel Spells So Your Vacation Goes Perfectly


Traveling to new places is something that I love to do but it can also sometimes make me feel vulnerable. Not knowing the language, the layout of the city or the ins-and-outs of getting around can feel kind of stressful. So can catching trains on time and flying through the air in a giant metal can (no, we're not going to overthink that one). Yeah, the anxiety alone can spoil the fun of exploring amazing historical places, seeing gorgeous nature and making new friends. So, whenever I hit the road, I do a little spiritual work to keep me safe and make sure my trip is nothing but fun.


If you're traveling for spring break or getting ready for summer vacation, take along three of my favorite travel spells to make sure your vacation is carefree, safe and trouble-free.



Wear a Magical Oil for Worry-free Travel


Lavender is an amazing herb and its aromatherapy uses for tranquility are legendary, but did you know that its magical properties are also equally special? Lavender oil is used in spells for calming stress and for protection, so applying an oil blend with lavender before and during stressful travel can be both psychologically and spiritually beneficial.


Essential oils are incredibly strong, so never apply undiluted lavender essential oil to your skin. Dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil. Make your magic travel protection oil by filling a small bottle (3.4 ounces/100ml or less if you're going to be carrying it on a plane) with a carrier oil and adding several drops of a good quality lavender essential oil. If you want to make your oil look extra gorgeous and magical, add a small sprig of fresh or dried lavender to the bottle, close the cap and shake to blend.


To use this oil magically, apply a few drops to your hands and rub your hands over your body in an upward motion (from feet toward head) before you get dressed on your travel days. Say the words "I am safe and calm and all my travel goes smoothly" as you apply the oil. You can carry this oil with you too and if things get stressful, you can rub a few drops on your hands and arms and inhale the scent as you repeat your magic words to yourself.



Carry a Mojo Bag for Safety and Protection

I like to carry magical charms with me. They give me a sense of safety when I am feeling out of my element. When I travel, one of my favorite tricks is to carry a specially prepared charm bag that I've made ahead of time to ensure that I am spiritually protected as I move through new territory.


A charm bag is a traditionally a flannel bag filled with magical items that you carry with you to bring a certain outcome. Sometimes called a mojo bag, these charms are something that you wear hidden in your pocket, tucked in your bra, or pinned under your clothes. While I don't recommend wearing a hidden bag when you're going through airport security, once you arrive at your location, it can be a great way to carry some powerful magical support with you as you explore a new place.


To make a charm bag for safe traveling, take a small circle of flannel about 4 inches/10cm in diameter and place a pinch of each of the following dried herbs in the center: mugwort, wormwood, and cinquefoil. As you do so, ask the spirit of the herbs and your favorite deity to work on your behalf to make sure your travel is safe and that you are protected.


Gather up the sides of the bag to make a small sack and gently breathe into it to bring your bag to life so it can work on your behalf for your safe travel.


Finally, using a ribbon or embroidery floss, wrap the "neck" of the bag tightly so that none of the herbs fall out and it looks a little bit like a comet. Tie the bag shut with three knots while saying "I am safe and protected" three times and then apply a drop of the lavender oil blend above to seal it.


Your charm bag should be treated with the utmost care and respect, as you would a powerful spirit or beloved pet. Give your charm a name and speak to it each day to ask it to work on your behalf. For the first 7 days after you create it, keep it as close to you as possible, wearing it next to your skin and sleeping with it under your pillow. Set it aside in a special place only when you bathe, shower or go swimming.


After 7 days, you may wear it next to your skin, carry it in a pocket or purse or keep it in a special place and only carry it when you are traveling. About once a week, you will need to feed your mojo bag. Feeding can be done by passing the bag through incense or by dabbing it with a spot of your lavender oil blend.



Do a Cleansing Bath to Clear Negativity


Sometimes when I travel, I may feel like I've picked up some low vibes, either from having a hassle of some kind or just being overly tired (jet-lag anyone?). One of my favorite rituals is to take a simple spiritual cleansing bath.


To create a cleansing bath, draw a bathtub full of hot water and add a handful of sea salt and a handful of epsom salt. For some extra cleansing power, you can add some dried or fresh lemongrass to your bath. (One sneaky trick I do is to pack a box of lemongrass tea when I travel and use the tea bags in my bathtub). As you go into the bath, say your own prayer, wish or intention that all negativity is washed away. Visualize all your stress, fatigue and any negative thing that happened to you washing off you and when you empty your tub, all the low vibes going down the drain.


If you don't have access to a bath, don't worry. Make a small bowl of your sea salt, epsom salt and lemongrass blend and pour it over yourself in the shower as you recite your intentional words.


Travel Spiritually and Physically Safe and Sound


No matter what I do or where I go, I always make sure that I get good information on the places I am going, follow it up with some common sense and add a dash of spiritual assistance to make my trip effortless, fun and secure. Follow these guidelines and no matter where or how you travel, you'll always have a trip where you are safe, sound and happy.


This article was written by Madame Pamita and was first published on YourTango.


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