11 Ways You Can Make Some Serious Magic with the Full Moon

11 Ways You Can Make Some Serious Magic with the Full Moon

Make Some Powerful Full Moon Water to Do Moon Magic


What's more magical than the moon? Is there anything more beautiful than a full moon on a clear night, the silver light glistening in the crisp fresh air? Whenever the full moon shows her face, it's the perfect time to do some powerful moon magic.


When I was a little girl, long before the internet let us find anything we wanted at the touch of a Google “I Feel Lucky” button, I was always searching for any information I could find on magic. In a book somewhere I read that witches would spin around three times and bow to the moon on the night when it was full. So, the little girl that I was would go out into my backyard, look up at the full moon, spin around three times and then make what I thought was a graceful, dizzy curtsy.


The Full Moon Is a Perfect Time for Doing Divination


I was born under the sign of Cancer, and Cancers are ruled by the Moon, so it was only natural that I gravitate to what I call my “Moon Mama" but any sign can benefit from working with the Moon. Full moons are the perfect time for doing spells for increasing psychic abilities and powers of divination. It’s the perfect night to dust off the old tarot deck or do a tea leaf reading for your friend, for example.


Make a Powerful Magical Water to Use All Month Long


Full moons are also amazing for creating powerful intentions for love, prosperity and blessings. But you don't have to limit that kind of magic to just that one night. If you want to carry the power of the full moon over to the rest of the month, you can capture the magic by making Full Moon Water. Full Moon Water is an extremely powerful water for blessing in any context.


Before you get started, check your favorite online moon phase calendar to see when the full moon is going to be at its apex. If it's early in the morning or during the day, this spell can be started on the night before so that you capture the waxing moon's magic.


Spell for Full Moon Water


Fill a clear glass or white porcelain bowl with spring water on the night of the Full Moon. You don’t have to go to a spring to get the water (although, that would be amazing). Bottled spring water will work perfectly for you city spellworkers. As an alternative, you can gather rainwater or melted snow for this spell, which is another amazing way to add an extra level of magic to the working.


If you would like to supercharge your spell and really draw in some extra magnetic force, you can place some tumbled moonstones around your bowl of water to amplify the moon energy.


At moonrise, place the bowl outside or, if you’re going to do your spellwork inside, place it next to a window where the moon can shine down on it.


Hold your hands over the bowl as the moon begins shining and say a prayer or intention for the water, for example, "Open my psychic abilities and strengthen my intuition," "May my true love be drawn to me," or "Bring bright blessings into my life." Whatever you are asking for, ask for it with a clear, confident and powerful intention.


Leave your water in the light of the moon for the entire night. The next day, you can decant your water to a bottle to use throughout the month.


Ways to Use Your Magic Full Moon Water


You can use this holy moon water to sprinkle around your house to bless and protect it.


You can add a bit of clear alcohol (such as vodka) at about a 10% ratio to preserve the water. Keep it in the fridge and you can drink it all month long.


You can use it in magic potions, such as teas.


You can add it to your bath water for a spiritual cleansing.


You can use it to bless and consecrate your magical tools.


You can place a cup of it as an offering on your ancestor altar.


You can pour it over your body for a self-love ritual.


You can plant a magical plant and water it with this amazing water to infuse it with

your intention.


There are so many beautiful ways that you can use this holy moon water. Let your inspiration guide you.


This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.


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