Broken Heart Spells

Do These Broken Heart Spells to Get Past Heartbreak

Broken Heart Spells Make a Big Difference


Has your heart been broken? I'm so sorry to hear it. Heartbreak can be heard to handle, but these broken heart spells are meant to speed up your healing and push any storm clouds out of the way. A bright future is still ahead for you if you choose to go out there and get it. In this article I've put together a few spells and practices to help you get over the hump and on a positive and happier road.


Take Some Practical Steps First


Magic is a great tool for mending a broken heart, but spellwork isn't your only option right now. Don't be afraid to rely on the support of those around you. Before you start picking out a spell reach out to a friend or family member and open up to them. Let them know what you're going through and listen to what they have to say to you. The advice they give you can be golden if you take it, so don't just go to them for the sake of venting! Listen. Process what they are saying.


You could also book a tarot or oracle reading or do one yourself. See if your guides have any messages for you. There are other practical steps you can take before resorting to broken heart spells. This includes removing visual reminders of your ex from your every day life if they make you sad. Devote time to activities you enjoy Write or throw yourself into other creative pursuits to transform your heartache into art. Start spending time in nature instead of staying cooped up in your house!


Do This Self Love Spell To Mend Your Broken Heart




Beeswax Standing Change of Heart Candle


Here's a powerful spell I designed to heal a broken heart. You'll need Self Love Oil, a Pink Beeswax Change of Heart Candle as well as a Healing Candle Spell Booster Pack. Yerba Santa is a very powerful herb used for healing. Get it either bundled (to burn alongside your spell) or loose (to place on the plate with your spell). Also get a pink flannel bag.


Carve your own name into the base of the candle. You can use a nail, pen, or even a special wax inscriber tool. Rub the Self Love oil on in an upward motion while saying out loud "I love myself and allow my heart to heal". You can write this same statement on your petition paper and fold it toward you. Then place it under your spell. Sprinkle your blue glass glitter that came with the booster pack on your candle in an upward motion. Place it in the center of a heat-safe dish or tray.


Set up the rest of the booster pack according to the instructions. On the night you light your spell draw a bath with a few drops of your Self Love oil as well as a bit of the Reverse Negativity oil from the booster pack. Add the gemstone from the booster pack to the bath with you! As you take this bath visualize your sadness washing away and self love and optimism washing in.


Take A Joie De Vivre Bath To Invite Joy Back In



BS JOie de Vivre.JPG


Post-breakup can be some very dark days. If you've given someone your heart or felt your connection was divine in nature it can be especially shattering to suddenly find yourself single. It may feel like you'll never get another bit of enjoyment out of life, but don't be silly. The fact that you found something that you're so sad to have lost proves that you're capable of finding things that make you very happy. You have done so before and will do so again, and this bath is a great place to start.


Joie De Vivre is a French phrase meaning exuberant enjoyment of life, which is what you will be inviting in with this bath. All you need for a Joie De Vivre bath is Joie De Vivre Bath Crystals from Parlour of Wonders! You could also add a bubble bath that you love or a few drops of spiritual oil like Self Love oil or Holy Healing oil. You won't get rid of all of your heartbreak in one bath, but you may be able to wash away 10%! So do a series of 5 baths over the course of a week or two with the intention of feeling 50% better. Once you feel 50% better you can start looking for things in life that bring you the most joy possible. Soak them up until you've eliminated that other 50% of your heartbreak!


Invite The Sun Back In With This Spell Kit


Have you seen the Bright Sun Candle Spell Kit? Pair it with a Healing Candle Spell Booster Pack for a deluxe candle spell that invites sunnier days back into your life. I suggest getting the Sun Candle in either Pink (for Self Love) or White (for Blessings). The Bright Sun Candle Spell Kit comes with complete instructions for how to perform the spell yourself. The booster pack also includes instructions for how to add it to the existing spell kit!


One of the many great things that you'll get with the booster pack is an Agatized Coral gemstone. Place it on or near the plate you burn your candle spell on. After the spell completes hang on to this gemstone and keep it on your altar or on your person in the weeks ahead. When you're feeling low or reminded of your heart break hold on to it. Feel the energy of your spell re-energizing your healing and helping you get through the tough moment.


Do This Weekly Ritual When You're At The Grocery Store



Roses for Broken Heart Spells



You may have already been doing some broken heart spells without realizing it. This weekly ritual is something you can do until your heart is back to feeling healed. Each week when you go grocery shopping buy yourself flowers. I like buying sunflowers because their sunny energy never fails to cheer me up, but pick the flower that calls out to you! Roses are another great option. If buying flowers each week isn't in your budget consider buying just one flower, or go and pick a flower each week while spending time in nature! Or get some dried roses and place them around your house so that you see them throughout your week.


You can place these flowers on your altar if you have one. Or you could put them in a vase next your bed so that you see them as soon as you wake up each morning. Have them be a reminder that happier days are on their way back to you. Spreading joy invites more joy in too, so consider passing some flowers out to strangers too! This tiny act of kindness can turn someone's day around.


Spellcasters Can Do Broken Heart Spells For You Too



Custom Healing Candle Spell Service



Candle spells are a highly effective way of speeding up the healing of a broken heart. Not everyone is able to do a candle spell themselves. Maybe you don't want others knowing you are doing witchcraft. Perhaps you aren't allowed to burn candles in your space. Or maybe you're just too emotionally torn up over your situation to get in the focused state required to do a candle spell. No matter what your situation is you can have me or another one of the talented spellcasters here at Parlour of Wonders do a spell for you. Here are some suggested spells that we can perform:



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