What Is Ho'oponopono? 4 Spiritual Affirmations That Can Heal Your Heartbreak

What Is Ho'oponopono? 4 Spiritual Affirmations That Can Heal Your Heartbreak

The Hawaiian Reconciliation Practice Can Create Miraculous Transformations


Ho'oponopono (pronounced HO-oh-POH-no-POH-no) is a traditional Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation and its positive affirmations can help you learn how to heal a broken heart.


It's so difficult when we are in the middle of heartbreak to find the healing and the wholeness that we are so desperately looking for. Therapy is amazing, tears can give us some physical relief but the simple but powerful concept that originated in the Hawaiian spiritual practice of Ho'oponopono is absolutely transformative.


Ho’oponopono is Ceremonial


The true traditional practice of Ho'oponopono is a ceremony to bring people together when there are arguments or something wrong has been done. It has evolved into a simplified series of four affirmations that you can do to heal and mend rifts with others or to support healthy self-love.


By repeating these words of affirmations, you can shift your mindset and the energy around a situation to heal your own and other people's hearts so that you can come to a place of true unconditional love and reconciliation.


These affirmations can be said to make amends to people you may have wronged, to forgive those who have wronged you, to your higher power, or to yourself when you haven't loved yourself unconditionally.


Before Starting Your Ho’oponopono Practice

Before you start learning how to get over heartbreak with this practice, first think about who you will be sending this energy to. You don't need to say these affirmations to the other person face-to-face. In fact, most Ho'oponopono affirmations are done from a distance, but that doesn't reduce their power.


And it's important to say the affirmations out loud as you think about the argument or rift you've had. Saying them out loud, even if you say them quietly, will have a much greater healing effect than just thinking them.


With that said, here are the 4 positive affirmations from the Ho'oponopono practice that can heal your broken heart.


"I'm sorry."


The first affirmation is one where you own your part of the disagreement.


Even if someone has done something to you or you've neglected yourself, there is a part that you played in the drama and saying "I'm sorry" helps you to acknowledge your contribution to the quarrel.


"Please Forgive Me."


After owning your part in the division, saying "Please forgive me" is a way of reaching out to touch the soul of the other person with gentle and loving energy and asking them to reconcile with you.


"Thank you."


The third affirmation is one of gratitude.


By having gratitude for the person, the situation and for the possibility of reconciliation, you are able to look at the blessing in the scenario.


"I Love You."


Love is the greatest power that there is. By saying "I love you" to your enemy, to yourself, or to the Universe, you are healing your own heart as well as the situation. You are giving yourself and the other a supercharged dose of spiritual medicine.


Repeat these four affirmations as you reflect on the situation and see what enlightenment they bring up for you.


Healing with Ho’oponopono


There are many kinds of situations that can be healed by doing the Ho'oponopono.


Practicing the Ho'oponopono will help you to think about your issues in new ways. You can most certainly say the words when you have had an argument with someone else, but it also helps to practice them when you believe someone has done something to hurt you.


As you progress in your practice, you may see ways that you have been less-than-kind to yourself or ways that you could have done better for our earth and its inhabitants.


Ho’oponopono Can Be Miraculous


Saying the Ho'oponopono as you encounter sad or uncomfortable situations will elevate you on your spiritual path. In fact, as you practice these four simple affirmations, you'll be surprised by the miracles in healing, comfort and spiritual awakening that you manifest and how quickly and effortlessly they come.


This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.


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