The Magic Love Spell Herb That Will Make You Irresistible

The Magic Love Spell Herb That Will Make You Irresistible

Have the Sexy Confidence of a Queen


Whether you are currently partnered up with someone or are still looking for your Mr. or Ms. Right, you should aim high and expect nothing less than the best when it comes to love. When you work intentionally and decide not to settle, guess what? The Universe gives you the quality love that you are asking for.


One of the most powerful spell tools for love in many magical traditions is Queen Elizabeth Root. Queen Elizabeth Root, also known as Orris Root, is used in spells as a strong love attractor with a definite feminine energy.


Queen Elizabeth Root Is a Magical Power Herb


Its strength lies in boosting your personal power when you're in a disempowering situation and, at the same time, giving you courage and confidence. Confidence is one of the sexiest and most attractive qualities a person can have, and this root will have you oozing the sexy confidence of a queen - someone who will only accept the very best. If you're having relationship issues where confidence, self-love and belief in self are lacking, you will gain a huge dose of magical support by working with this powerful herbal ally.


If you want more power in your relationships or want to attract a relationship with someone who will bend over backward to please you, Queen Elizabeth Root has got you covered. However, you can also use this root to empower yourself in career and get more respect from family and friends.


Queen Elizabeth Root Smells Amazing Too!


Queen E, as I like to call it, is the root of plants in the iris family. This beautiful scented root has the aroma of delicate violets and has been used for centuries in natural cosmetics. For magical purposes, we generally use Orris Root on the body, carried, placed on an altar or sprinkled on a candle for a spell, however it is safe to ingest for most people if taken in small amounts.


Queen Elizabeth Root Comes In Lots of Forms


Queen Elizabeth comes in several forms - whole, cut and sifted (a chopped chunky version), powdered and as Queen Elizabeth Root oil. Each of these has their special use:


Whole Queen Elizabeth Root


Use a whole Queen Elizabeth Root as a talisman (a magical item to be carried with you), as an ingredient in a mojo bag (a charm bag that you carry with a mixture of ingredients), as a pendulum (a tool for getting "yes or no" answers from your guides) or as an altarpiece (a magical item you place on your spiritual altar).


Cut and Sifted Queen Elizabeth Root


Use as an ingredient in a mojo bag or sprinkle around a candle spell for love or empowerment.


Queen Elizabeth Root Powder


Use as a magical sachet powder by sprinkling it on your body or on an object or roll your spell candles in the powder before lighting them.


Queen Elizabeth Root Oil


Apply the oil to yourself or to your spell candles in an upward motion or apply to an object to make it a powerful talisman.


No matter how you use Queen Elizabeth Root, whether to attract a new love, to recalibrate the balance of your current romantic relationship, or to empower yourself in other areas of your life, you will love the powerful and positive effect it can bring to your life.


This article was written by Madame Pamita and was published on YourTango and Medium.


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