3 Things To Know Before Doing Hoodoo Magic Love Spells

3 Things To Know Before Doing Hoodoo Magic Love Spells

Doing Love Spells Can Be Amazing


I love love. Who doesn’t? When you see a happy couple in love, it can (and should) bring your heart joy. But it can also remind you of the pain that you may be feeling because you don’t have that kind of love in your life, either because you are single and wanting a relationship or because you are in a relationship that’s having serious problems.


I often talk to clients who want to use some down home hoodoo love spell magic to fix their relationship, bring back an old flame, or bring a new love into their life. While straight up love spells and positive intention can bring true love in magical ways, they may not be the solution to all complicated love situations. I have seen spells that have turned situations around in ways that no one would believe could be possible, but I have also seen spells that fall flat because the spellcaster didn’t understand three very basic concepts of love magic.


You Can’t Use Spells to Make Someone You’ve Never Met Fall in Love With You


Sometimes I have clients who want to cast Hoodoo Magic Love Spells on a famous person to make them fall in love with them. While I don’t discourage dreaming big, doing love spells to get someone you’ve never met to fall in love with you is jumping the gun. If you haven’t met the person and you don’t socialize with them, it can be practically impossible to get them to fall in love with you. First, you have to have some sort of connection to the person before you can work up to that deep and meaningful relationship. I mean, how many random strangers have you fallen in love with?


Before you do a love spell to make a stranger fall in love with you, do a spell to open up opportunities for the two of you to meet. After you have met and have made a positive impression on the object of your affection, then and only then are you in the right space to do some magic love spells on them.


To do an old-time hoodoo spell to open up meeting someone, I recommend working with Open Roads oil and orange candles. A simple spell can be done with seven orange Thick Beeswax Taper candles dressed in Open Roads oil. Apply the oil to each of the candles in an upwards motion from the base to the wick. Burn one each day in a beautiful brass candle holder over seven days. Each day, speak the intention that the two of you meet and that you hit it off. Repeat this spell once each month until the two of you make contact.


A Hoodoo Magic Love Spell Can Get You Back Together but It Won’t Change Your Problems


In my practice, I find lots of other rootworkers and spellcasters will not do reconciliation work. The simple reason is this: If the couple had problems in the relationship before breaking up, those problems are going to be there when they come back together. A merry-go-round of breakup and makeup over and over again is no fun for anyone.


When a client wants to do a reconciliation spell, I dig deeper with a tarot reading or a spirit guide session to divine what the root causes of the breakup were and advise the client as to how to solve those problems before doing any reconciliation work. For example, if the problem of the relationship was that there were miscommunications that caused heated arguments, I might advise the client to do positive communication spells before trying to get back together.


A really sweet and magic love spell with the emphasis on healing and calming the communication is a great place to start. First, get a blue Talk to Me Lips candle. Inscribe your name and your lover’s name on it and dress it with Talk to Me oil. Light it on a Wednesday and let it burn completely (while you are awake and at home to attend it). Alternatively, you could get a Speak to Me Spell Kit in blue and have the candle along with herbs, oil and step-by-step directions for doing a spell for opening up healthier communication between you and your love.


Once the communication is back on track, then doing reconciliation work has a much better chance of lasting for a long time.


Doing Hoodoo Magic Love Spells With These Three Words Will Bring Your Highest and Your Best


If you’ve done hoodoo magic love spells to bring a certain person to you and nothing seems to open the way for the two of you to get together, sometimes it’s the Universe telling you that there is something better out there for you. I have a philosophy that has really helped me to understand the Law of Attraction, manifestation and the process of co-creating, and that is that “a closed door is as valuable as an open door.”


When we meet a closed door in a magical situation and we try everything we can to open it and it still doesn’t yield to us, pay attention. When that happens to me, I take it to heart that it’s not that I’m not good enough for whatever is behind that door, but that whatever is behind that door is not good enough for me.


If you want a lover to come to you and they just won’t budge, take a moment to step back and widen your horizons a little bit. Do some long lasting attraction magic with a Come to Me Mojo Bag. As you write out your petition paper for your mojo bag, add these three magic words, “…or something/someone better.” For example, “John or someone better comes to me.” This kind of petition allows John to come to you, if he is your best, or someone else to come to you, if they are the best outcome. Adding these three words will open up the flow to your highest and your best outcomes, and isn’t that what love magic is all about?


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This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango and Medium.

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