Spiritualist Community Altar

Madame Pamita Offers a Free Spiritualist Community Altar

At the Parlour of Wonders, we offer a Spiritualist Community Altar, where you may place your petition paper to be prayed over personally by Madame Pamita. Petitions are powerful as written intentions to manifest desired outcomes and we offer this service at no charge as a gift to all. If you are suffering from financial stress and can’t afford a personalized spell, you can still get the spiritual help that you need as our gift to you.

Manifesting Abundance, Love and Success at the Altar

Clients from all over the world use this service to manifest abundance, love, success, spiritual healing, protection and more. All positive requests are joyfully received at the altar.

We welcome your petitions. Just mail a petition to be placed on the altar.

Mail your petition to:

Community Altar c/o Parlour of Wonders 8859 Canoga Ave. Canoga Park, CA 91304

Altar petitions are kept confidential and remain on the altar until the end of the month, when they are given a final blessing and disposed of in a respectful manner.

To learn more about petitions, watch my video on petition papers on the Hoodoo How To Videos page.

Do You Need Something More?

There are plenty of free resources on the Parlour of Wonders site that can help you to manifest abundance, love and more. Check out the How To Videos, the Magic and the Law of Attraction podcast, Magic How to Guides, Madame Pamita’s Magic Blog, and the free Live Magic Q&A Tea Party. Join the Spell Squad and you’ll get a free ebook “Seven Secrets to Supercharge Your Spellwork” as well as exclusive discounts and members only access to the live Q&A. Take advantage of all these free resources and bring in your best outcomes.

Madame Pamita Can Do Spells for You

If you’d like some more personalized one-on-one spellwork, Madame Pamita offers single candle spells and complex spells for your particular intention. These premium services are available and can be done in addition to any work on the community altar. Madame Pamita also creates spell kits that come with everything that you need to do a spell for yourself for manifesting abundance, love, success, protection, and more.

Is There Any Catch?

No, there’s no catch. As a member of Madame Pamita’s Spell Squad, you are part of a wonderful community of amazing people and we like to give back to you. When things are financially tight, we encourage you to take advantage of this free service rather than spending money on spell supplies or personalized services.

If you are looking for a different service, click on my Magical Services page to see the whole array of what I offer.