Money Miracle Rose of Jericho

Prosperity Magic with the Money Miracle Plant: Rose of Jericho

Magical Second Chances and Spiritual Do-Overs


One of the things I love about doing spellwork is the forgiving nature of magic. If you don’t do it right the first time, you always get another go at it. Part of the human condition is making mistakes. If you aren’t making a mistake, it means you’re not trying anything risky. And I believe that if you aren’t taking a risk, you’re living half a life.


With magic, we get chances to change and fix things, anything from little annoyances to huge issues. So, for example, if you blew out your candle spell when you were meant to snuff it out, no big deal, just get a new candle and start over again. Or, if you messed up in your relationship, you can do a spell to reunite the two of you. Magic is definitely a path of forgiveness and second and even third and fourth chances. Spells give us the gift of a do-over.


The Miracle of the Resurrection Plant


One of the magical tools that gives us the chance to start over again is the Rose of Jericho, or the Resurrection Plant. Just on the level of botany, the Rose of Jericho is a fascinating piece of nature doing things you didn’t think were possible. The first unusual thing about this plant is its name: the Rose of Jericho is not a rose at all, but a name we give to a group of fern-like plants that grow in some of the harshest climates around, the deserts in Mexico and the Middle East.


Money Miracle Rose of Jericho

Bringing a Rose of Jericho Back to Life


When the weather is dry, these amazing plants dry up almost completely, curling up into a brown ball and remaining dormant until the rains come. They can survive in this dried out dormant state for years, but when they are exposed to water, they “resurrect” or come back to life over the course of a few days, opening up and turning green.


Take a look at my video showing how to work with a Rose of Jericho:



The Money Miracle Plant


The way this plant “dies” and then comes back to life is as close as you can get to miraculous and who doesn’t need a little miracle once in awhile?


The Rose of Jericho is a powerful tool in many magical paths for creating prosperity miracles, which is why I call it “The Money Miracle Plant”. It particularly shines in spells where you need to revive or resurrect your prosperity; meaning, you had it once before, things are not so good now but you want to bring that prosperity back again.


Rose of Jericho Prosperity Spell


To do some magical work with a Rose of Jericho, just follow these super-easy steps


  • Place the dried plant with its roots down in a shallow dish of spring water in your home or business on a Friday.
  • You may add talismans to the water dish that invite prosperity, such as gemstones, coins or money-drawing herbs.
  • If you can, place it on a money altar or another special and sacred place.
  • Each day, pour off the water of the plant and add new spring water.
  • Retain the water that you pour off as this is Rose of Jericho water, a powerful prosperity blessing water that you can sprinkle around your home or business or apply to yourself or your loved ones for more prosperity.
  • After a day or two in water the plant will begin to unfold and turn green.
  • As it does, you will see signs of your own prosperity increasing with new opportunities coming your way, more paying customers and increase in your income.
    Money Miracle Rose of Jericho
    Money Miracle Rose of Jericho

    Giving Your Rose of Jericho a Rest


    Once your prosperity has increased, give the Rose of Jericho a little rest. Take it out of the water, let it go back to its dormant state. At this point, you can put it away in a safe place for a little nap. The Rose of Jericho has done its work and your prosperity should remain high. If at any time you feel that you need to give your abundance another boost, you can always pull out that Money Miracle Plant again and miraculously give your prosperity a jumpstart.


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    This article was written by Madame Pamita and has also been published on YourTango and Medium.

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